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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

Praying the Rosary in October - Every Friday morning at 8:10am with Mr Doherty, all parents and children are welcome.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back to the Autumn term. We have an exciting term ahead which includes a lovely retreat and swimming! 


The team are:

5 Nicholas: Miss Moran

5 Kolbe: Miss Kundi

5 Romero: Miss Lamb

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Assi, Mrs Makarewicz and Ms O' Connor


Wednesday 14th November 2018


We all arrived safely before 11am. The children have enjoyed exploring the grounds - we have a football pitch all to ourselves. They have unpacked and settled into their rooms - "They are like posh hotel rooms, Mr Doherty!" was one comment. 

We had a delicious lunch of pasta and tasty meatballs. The children liked it so much that they had seconds.  This evening we will be enjoying sausage and mash with apple crumble before we head out for the camp fire.

The children have enjoyed drama and art sessions this afternoon.

More news tomorrow...…..



Day 1

Day 1 1
Day 1 2
Day 1 3

Day 1 - Evening


The children enjoyed a night walk by torch light. We then played games and drank hot chocolate around the campfire.

We finished the day in the beautiful Chapel and spent time in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. All the children started their prayer journals - these will be coming home with the children. It was wonderful to see the respect and reverence shown by all the children. The adults were very proud of the children.

The first night has been very quiet and all the children managed to get to sleep at a sensible time. We are looking forward to see what lies ahead in Day 2.....

Day 1 - Evening

Day 1 - Evening 1
Day 1 - Evening 2

Day 2 


This morning there was lots of time for outdoor exploration and games. The children learnt about the Rosary and made their own set of beads. 

We are hoping all the fresh air and exercise will result in a peaceful night!

This afternoon we had the most wonderful surprise - Father Neil joined us for a few hours in the afternoon! He had lunch with the children and joined us for a workshop on the Beatitudes. Thank you for coming Father Neil!


After a lovely roast chicken dinner, the children prepared for Mass - learning songs and actions and thinking about the scripture. Mass was celebrated in the beautiful Chapel with Father Mark. Throughout the Mass he provided us with the most wonderful commentary on the Mass. He explained the meaning behind some of the words used and the symbolism associated with certain actions within the Mass. 

His key message was that the Kingdom of God is among us now and that we do not need to worry. The children spoke about some of the things that they worry about and Father Mark explained that we just need to put our trust in God and not spend time worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. A lovely message for the children to hear and it was clear that it really impacted on them. 

Tonight we had the most fantastic talent show - dancers, story tellers, comedians, magicians, singers, footballers and much, much more. Who knew there was so much talent at Holy Family School!

All the children are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow - we will be back in time for the end of the school day. 

Day 2

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Day 2 2
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