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Monday 229th June 2020: Please see the new weekly newsletter
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 team:


5 Nicholas: Miss Moran

5 Kolbe: Miss Kundi

5 Romero: Miss Lamb


 Mrs Assi and Mrs Kosterska


Day 3

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Day 3 - Friday 15th November 2019


Another peaceful night at SPEC. The children went to bed with no issues and slept well into the morning. We are blessed to be with such fantastic children. 

The day started with a delicious continental breakfast. 

For our final day we are focusing on the Holy Spirit and we started the day with a hymn.

One of the features of our retreat has been the opportunity to develop our prayer life using the Ignatian Examen and the Lectio Divina. It has been good to see how the children have responded to these invitations to pray.  

The children have been thinking about how they are going to be fired by the Holy Spirit and how our experiences here will shape us as children of God going forward. 

As for the wild, Pinner creature? The trap was ……....empty. 

Footprint Discovered!

Footprint Discovered! 1

Day 2 - Thursday 14th November


This afternoon the children took part in outdoor games and watched a Passion Play. They saw puppet shows that retold important moments from the Gospel. 

There was plenty of free time this afternoon - exploring the grounds, playing football and trying to catch this elusive creature.

We then had a visit from our very dear friend, Mrs Burgess! It was wonderful seeing her and all the children had the chance to tell her about their residential. 

The children produced some lovely art work and they will be bringing it home tomorrow.

This evening we had a lovely dinner of chicken and rice with ice cream in a cone for desert! 

After dinner we had Mass with Father Mark. It is the most fantastic experience as he talks the children through each part of the Mass in a child friendly way. He continually refers to the Mass as being an encounter with Jesus. Please, please, please do talk to your children about the Mass because I think you will be very impressed to hear what the children have understood. Kayleigh and Grace have now invited Father Mark to school and he accepted the invitation! We look forward to welcoming him soon.

After Mass we headed to the hall for our Talent Show. We were thoroughly entertained for over an hour. I've included just a few pictures of the acts below. 

We ended our day back in the Chapel where the children reflected on their day in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. They thought about all the things they should be thankful for and they prayed for you. The children added to their prayer journals - they will be given these in school next week. 

As for the strange Pinner creature - there have been no sightings yet. However, you will see from the photographs below that we have now acquired a large net. Bait has been laid and a trap has been set for it. In the morning the most wonderful prize may be waiting for us although none of us are quite sure what we intend to do with the creature if we do indeed catch it...…..

There will be one more update tomorrow morning before we leave at 2pm. We should be back at school for 2:50pm and will take the children to the Parish Hall and dismiss from there.

Good night.



Day 2

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Day 2

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Thursday 14th November 2019 - Day 2


Your children are so good!

I have been on lots of residentials and this class were by far the quickest to go to sleep on a first night that I have ever had. 

We have enjoyed a lovely breakfast of croissants - chocolate and plain, fruit and cereal with apple juice or water. 

Afterwards we had some free time and we resumed our hunt for this elusive 'Pinner Creature'. It seems to be a very shy animal and is trying hard not to be seen. We shall redouble our efforts later today. Children also had the chance to practise and rehearse their acts for the talent show later tonight. I can't wait to see the fruits of their labour. 

This morning our sessions have been focusing on family - Jesus' family and our own families. The children took part in a meditation and have produced some work on special times they have had with their families. The sessions could have been written specifically for our school - The Holy Family.

I will post another update later today.

I'm now off to acquire a net to see if we can snare this creature..... 

Day 2

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Wednesday 13th November - Day 1


We arrived at 11am and went to our rooms. All the children were pleased with the sleeping arrangements. The children then took part in various ice breaker activities with the 5 adults that will be working with them. 

We then had lunch: wraps, baguettes, salad and some crisps.

After lunch we listened to the story of the Prodigal Son. The focus today has been on the first part of the Holy Trinity, the Father.

The children all took part in an art and craft session making images of God's wonderful creation using hama beads.

Then the children went outside to search for puzzle pieces in the beautiful grounds of SPEC. The children had to work as a team. The final result was a reminder that we are children of God and loved greatly.

Dinner was burger, chips and salad with fruit and yoghurt for desert. Every child ate everything on their plate and lots asked (and received) seconds!

In between all of the activities, the children have had free time, playing indoor games and lots of running around outside being free. Let us hope it results in an early night!

After dinner we went for a night walk and had a campfire with hot chocolate - great fun.

We have heard tales of exotic, Pinner creatures - the body of a dog, squirrels head and webbed feet. Tonight we searched while we were on the night walk but there were no signs of it. We shall head out early and if we catch sight of it, we'll post a photo on the website.   

Your children have been a delight and I will put a new update up around midday tomorrow. 




Day 1

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Wednesday 6th November 2019 - Day 1


We arrived just before 11am. The children were excited to see the rooms they would be staying in and everyone is very happy with the sleeping arrangements! 

After some ice breaker activities the children enjoyed lunch: baguettes, fruits, salads and crisps. Then we went outside to take part in a treasure hunt activity. The children had to race around the grounds of the centre to find clues so that they could solve the puzzle. There was lots of running around so fingers crossed there will be lots of tired children tonight! 

The children also made pictures using coloured beads and they will be bringing them home with them. We listened to the parable of the Prodigal Son and I was very, very impressed by the way that the children engaged with the activity and the maturity of their responses. 

For dinner we had chicken burgers (or veggie burgers), chips, salad and chocolate cake with custard for desert - yummy! Every child ate everything on their plate and were even offered seconds.

The rain is falling in Pinner so we won't be going outside for our campfire. We have been told that we are to have an 'indoor campfire' - who knew such a thing existed!

It is a joy to spend time with your children and their manners and behaviour are exemplary. 

We will be getting ready for bed soon and I am sure it will be an early night for all the teachers!

Mr Doherty 

Day 1

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Day 1 - Evening


The campfire was a success, we had candles and fairy lights as a centre piece and the children learnt different games while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. 

They then had some quiet time and a chance to write in their prayer journals. These will be coming home with the children on Friday.

The children and staff managed to get to sleep at a reasonable time!

Day 1 Evening

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Day 2 Morning


We were all up bright and early this morning and the children were washed and ready for breakfast in good time. They enjoyed cereal and croissants with fresh juice - as much as they wanted. 

All the children slept well and we are all very happy. 

Before the sessions started we spent an hour exploring the grounds, climbing trees, trying to get lost and getting muddy. They were all being children! 

We are looking forward to Mass tonight and the Talent Show. Children have already started to prepare their acts. 

Day 2 Morning

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Day 2 - Evening


Look, the children of 5R did come with us! Please don't be worried, I didn't lock Miss Lamb and the children in a cupboard.

This afternoon the children prepared for our evening Mass. Our Mass was celebrated by Father Mark Walker. During the Mass he talked us through each stage to deepen our understanding and emphasised that the Mass is an encounter with Jesus. It is definitely the highlight of our retreat.

We are now at the Talent Show and enjoying some amazing performances - wait till you hear about them tomorrow! 

There will be one more update tomorrow morning.


Day 3

Yesterday we had a visit from Mrs Burgess! We were so happy to see her and she stayed for lunch.

Then in the evening we had a surprise visit from Father Neil! One of the children asked him,

"Have you come here because you missed us so much?"

The two visits have been a highlight of the stay and certainly breaks things up for us.

At Mass last night we had a Greek lesson and learnt where the word sin comes from, very interesting! 

The talent show was a great success and we have decided that we are having our own Holy Family Talent Show in summer term. 

The children went to bed early last night and had a lovely sleep. They woke and organised themselves without any support. It is great to see how independent they are. 

We are leaving at around 2pm but I will confirm this with the school office so that they can message you with an accurate arrival time. 

When we get back to school we will bring all the children into the Parish Hall and dismiss from there. Please don't try and take the children from the road. 

Your children have had a lovely time and they are looking forward to seeing you.

See you shortly. 

Day 3

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