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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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Repeated exposure to tricky words is needed for your child to spell the common exception words. These words cannot be sounded out, children find this difficult as their learning of spelling words in school is based on Read Write Inc methods such as Fred fingers (the children sound out and blend the word). 'Fred talk' is for words children can sound out i.e. pat,sun, car etc. When it is not possible to sound out the word, we call these 'tricky words', this is where repeated exposure at home and at school is necessary for children to remember how to spell those words.

Some more information about how we teach spelling of common words can be found on,


 Weekly spelling 


Children will be given weekly spelling homework each Wednesday, these words will contain 5 Common exception words. 

(Common exception words - words that children cannot use with their phonetic knowledge e.g. the)


Children must revise these spellings daily in preparation for their weekly test and more importantly in order to accurately apply these words in their independent writing. 


Spelling homework 


Children will be asked to choose 2 words from the list of 5, writing their own sentences. We would expect Year 1 children to create sentences that include rich but appropriate vocabulary as well as creative grammar techniques taught e.g. adjectives and conjunctions. 


What day is the spelling test? 


The spelling test will take place every Monday which has been incorporated in their phonics lesson.