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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

Friday 17th July: Our term does not end until the 31st July but there is an 'End of Term' letter in the newsletter section of the website
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Reception Joseph

Look at what your friends have been doing at home! Click on the photos to make them bigger. 

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Charlotte's 'Growing' Project
Charlotte's Cress Head
Charlotte and Chloe
Charlotte and Chloe's Cress Heads
Charlotte and Chloe Measuring
Happy Birthday, Kacey-Leigh!
Leo's Measuring Work
Leo's Measuring Work
Leo's Cress Heads
Leo's Woodwork
Max's Noah's Ark
Nico Measuring
Nico's Cress
Nico's Cress Heads
Nico's Measuring Work
Nico's Woodwork
Nico Drawing Hearts
Theo and Tilly
Theo's 'Growing' Work
Theo as a Baby!
Theo's Scrapbook
Oscar Measuring
Max Measuring
Hello, Nico!
Nico Measuring
Nico Found Snails
Nico Found 24 Snails!
Sara's Flower Hearts
Sara's Kite
Sara Planting
Sara Measuring
Happy Birthday, Roman!
Roman's Patterns
Roman Colour Mixing
Roman on a Tree
Roman Writing
Leo in the Sea
Leo Up High!
Leo Writing
Leo's Capacity Work
Hugo's RE
Hugo Painting
Hugo and Mummy
Max and Mia
Max and Mia Water Play
Charlotte and Chloe's Squash and a Squeeze!
Charlotte and Chloe
Charlotte and Chloe's Animals
Theo and Tilly's Experiment
Theo Working Harf!
Theo and Tilly's Certificates
Theo and Tilly
Theo's RE Work
Theo Colouring
Sara’s Squash and a Squeeze
Max and Mia
Max’s Fruit Kebabs
Max’s House
Max and Mia
Nico’s Pattern
Nico’s Fruit Kebab
Colour Mixing
Nico Found a Ladybird
Nico’s Phonics
Oonagh’s Cafe
Charlotte and Chloe
Charlotte’s Pattern
Hugo’s Woodwork
Hugo and Max
Hugo Writing
Sammy’s Pattern
Sammy’s Cake
Yumeko Learning Piano
Skye with a Beekeeper!
Skye Spotting a Mini Beast
Skye in the Allotment
Skye's Den
Skye's Model
Yumeko Exercising
Ludo's Elephant Day Parade Invitation
Max's Invitation
Elena's Sticker Book
Elena's Elmer Books
Elena's Self Portrait
Roman Subtracting
Roman Baking
Delicious, Roman!
Roman's Space Puzzle
Roman's Maths
Theo's Butterfly
Theo's Bible
Theo and Tilly in the Pool
Theo's Colour Mixing
Theo's Phonics
Theo's Elephant
Sara and Oliver
Isabel's Phonics
Arnika's Art
Arnika's Colour Experiment
Arnika's Invitation
Kian Working Hard
Hugo's Guitar
Hugo Baking
Hugo Rolling his Dough
Hugo's Gingerbread Men!
Hugo Keeping Fit
Isabel's Patterns
Isabel and her Daddy in the Pool
Nico's Bubbles
Nico Decorating his Gingerbread Men
Sara's Patterns
Chef Leo!
Leo Decorating his Gingerbread Man
Delicious, Leo!
Leo the Acrobat!
Leo's Puppet Show
Charlotte's RE Work
Sara by the Lake
Sara and Oliver
Sara's Story Map
Oscar's Maths Work
Max's Rainbow
Sammy and his Big Brother
Sammy's Playdough Gingerbread Man
Sammy Writing
Sammy Working Hard!
Charlotte's Puppet Show
Charlotte's Phonics
Charlotte's Maths
Charlotte and Chloe
Charlotte's Diary
Charlotte's Gingerbread Man Writing
Charlotte and Chloe Subtracting
Oscar Playing Chess
Oscar  Cooking
Elena Baking
Elena's Gingerbread Men
Elena Decorating
Yummy, Elena!
Liberty and Raff Cycling
Liberty and Raff Baking
Liberty and Raff Enjoying the Grass!
Liberty's Maths
Liberty's Story Map
Liberty Baking
Spot Eric!
Eric in the Park
Eric and Victoria's Rainbow
Eric's Phonics
Eric Cycling
Sara Baking
Sara's Gingerbread Man
Sara Baking
Yum, Sara!
Sara Baking
Sara and Oliver Baking
Kian Baking
Kian's Gingerbread Man
Delicious, Kian!
Ludo's Gingerbread Man
Nico's Kite
Nico's Maths
Nico's Handprint Rainbow
Nico's Woodwork
Roman's Picture
Roman Cycling
Roman's Fish Bowl
Alison Baking
Alison's Phonics
Alison Exercising
Isabel's Work
Isabel Gardening
Isabel Enjoying the Sun
Arnika Blending
Alison Making Fruit Lollies
Charlotte and Chloe's RE
Max and Mia Enjoying the Pool
Max Baking
Max's Gingerbread Man
Max and Mia
Max Cycling
Theo Writing
Theo's RE
Theo in his Tent
Leo and Lena
Leo Enjoying the Sun
Leo Baking
Delicious, Leo!
Arnika's Chalk Art
Arnika's Phonics Activity
Liberty's Artwork
Elena's Clock
Elena Working Hard
Elena Subtracting
Elena Playing Monopoly
Max and Mia
Max's Numicon
Max and Mia
Kacey-Leigh Reading with her Brothers
Kacey-Leigh's Sequencing
Kacey-Leigh Listening to Number Songs
Roman's Clock
Roman Sequencing
Roman's Calendar
Arnika Playing Violin
Arnika's Time Work
Arnika Reading
Oonagh on the Computer
Eric's Numicon Game
Theo and Tilly
Theo's Clock
Theo Making his Clock
Theo Sequencing
Hugo Posing a Letter
Hugo and Spiderman
Hugo Sequencing
Hugo Cooking
Eric and Victoria
Kacey's Card for Charlotte
Kacey Writing
Kian on a Trampoline
Kian Learning about Time
Liberty's Clock
Nico - Ten Green Bottles
Nico's Ugly Duckling Hand Print
Nico's Months of the Year
Nico Playing Jenga
Happy Birthday, Sara!
Happy Birthday, Sara!
Sara's Ugly Duckling Hand Print
A Message from Arnika
Arnika's Seasons Painting
The End Result!
Charlotte's Card
Charlotte's Life Cycle of a Hen
Charlotte's Clock
Charlotte and Chloe
Yumeko reading "The Ugly Duckling" in Japanese!
Yumeko's Picture
Yumeko Writing
Yumeko's Writing
Leo's Calendar
Leo's Clock
Leo's Months of the Year
Leo Telling the Time
Leo's Writing
Leo and Lena Cycling
Arnika Writing
Arnika's 1 Minute Races
Arnika Reading
Oscar Playing a Time Game
Elena Learning about Months and Weeks
Elena's Numicon Clock
Elena's Writing
Oscar Writing
Eric Telling the Time
Eric's Read and Draw
Roman Writing
Roman's Coins
Roman's Puppet Show
Roman's Shop
Arnika's Life Cycle of a Hen
Kacey-Leigh Colouring
Kacey-Leigh Counting
Kacey-Leigh, Rhys and Taylor exercising
Kacey-Leigh's Literacy
Sara's Ballet
Sara Reading
Sara's Literacy
Nina's Ugly Duckling Craft
Max's Sequencing
Arnika Learning about Time
Arnika Painting
Arnika's Phonics Bingo
Arnika Learning about Time
Nico Playing Jenga
Nico Investigating
Nico Baking
Happy Birthday Charlotte and Chloe!
Birthday Girls
Ludo's Ugly Duckling Writing
Oscar's Ugly Duckling Work
Leo's Puppet Show
Leo and Lena
Max's Easter Garden
Max's Easter Project
Max's Shop
Theo Reading Alien Words
Theo's Coin Work
Theo's Easter Garden
Hugo Paddling
Hugo Clapping for Carers
Elena's Shop
Elena Reading to her Baby Sister
Skye Reading Alien Words
Liberty's Phonics Book
Arnika's Coin Work
Charlotte's Easter Card
Arnika's Shop
Eric's Coin Hunt
Elena Baking
Nico Cutting
Theo's Easter Hunt
Alison Creating
Leo's Adding Machine
Marinus Baking
Sara's Coin Hunt
Eric's Easter Garden
Oscar's Easter Garden
Arnika's Story
Charlotte and Chloe's Crosses
Liberty's Rainbow
Sara's Shop
Elena's Eggs
Skye's Shop
Nico's Crosses
Theo's Craft Activity
Oscar's Shop
Leo's Easter Garden