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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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Phonics Tips

Home tips to help parents support their child to pass the Year 1 Phonics Screening check in June.


  1. Practise reading speed sounds every day with your child at home – especially the sounds your child struggles most with. You will find all the sounds in the set 1, 2 3 videos posted on this page. Other trickier sounds will be found in the ‘Phonics Screening Parent-child Home Practise Booklet’.
  2. Practise reading alien words and real words provided in the ‘Phonics Screening Parent-child Home Practise booklet’, using Mr/ Thorne's videos posted below, and using the following site:
  3. Hear your child read every night and sign their reading record.
  4. Playing phonics games on the computer such as Phase 3, 4 5 or 6 activities on the Letters and Sounds website  e.g. Pirate Treasure game, Poop deck pirates, Dragon egg game etc.
  5. Make bingo games or domino games using the target phonics blends such as str, scr, spl, st. or sounds such as ch, sh, igh, oa, ay, ee, oo, or, ng.
  6. Read a selection of books and be “Sounds Detectives” hunting for the phonemes. “Can you hunt for the word with the “ee” sound in this sentence?”
  7. Give your child 3 sounds (for example: ee, oa, igh) and yourself 3 sounds (ch,sh,th) and as you share a story together, count how many times each sound occurs. The winner is the person who has found the most target sounds.
  8. Share some e-book stories from Oxford Reading Tree E-books for free.
  9. Watch the videos posted on the school website (more will be uploaded over the next few weeks which will further support reading alien and reading words)
  10. Read, Read and Read some more!