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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Medical Information

Medical Reminder to all Parents/Carers

If your child is suffering from vomiting/diarrhoea, in line with school policy he/she must not return to school until at least 48 hours after the last symptoms have stopped.

Only medicine that has been prescribed by a Doctor can be administered to a pupil at school and a consent form will need to be signed by the parent/carer. The form can be collected from the school office and all medication will need to be handed in there.  Please do not pass on any medication to the class teachers/teaching assistants.  If your child attends breakfast club, any medication will need to be handed to a member of staff from Nico's Breakfast Club who will hand it to the office.  Please note that you will still need to complete the consent form that can be found on our website and email it to Mrs Jansepar at  If we don’t receive permission by the parent/carer in writing we won’t be able to administer the medicine.

Please note parents/carers are responsible for collecting and disposing of any unused medication from the school office.

If you have identified your child as having a medical condition e.g. asthma, please be aware it is your responsibility to inform the school and provide the relevant prescribed medication and a Doctors letter/Care Plan to the school. 

Medication kept in school e.g. inhalers/epipens – all medication will be returned to the pupil’s parent/carer at the end of the school year.   If your child still requires to have medication kept in school at the beginning of the new academic year this will need to be returned to the school office together with an updated care plan if there has been any changes to your child’s medical needs.  Please do not pass any medication to the class teachers or teaching assistants.

Bumps to head/face/neck: If your child receives a bump or injury to any of these areas, you will be notified. 

Head Lice Guidance


Head Lice


Routine head inspections are no longer carried out in schools but the following may answer some questions:


How do you catch head lice?


Head lice cannot jump or fly. They like to live close to the scalp. They are only caught when two people’s heads are in contact for some time.


How do you know you have got head lice?


Signs of head lice include: live or dead lice in the hair, nits (empty egg cases), an itchy head, a rash round the neck or ears, dark gritty dust on pillows or collars.


A weekly family check for head lice


Wash the hair and using a fine-toothed comb (available from chemists), comb the wet hair from the roots over a sheet of white paper. If nits or eggs are found begin a course of treatment and tell anyone you have close contact with.


Sometimes head lice “return” because the treatment was not carried out thoroughly and eggs survived.


If the problem persists, speak to your doctor.


Is Your Child Too Sick for School ?