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Welcome to
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Religious Education in Holy Family

Religious Education at Holy Family is taught through the 'In God's Name' programme.  Drawing on its foundation documents,  the Religious Education Curriculum Directory and the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales Levels of Attainment, 'In God's Name' presents a Catholic world view through learning about the Traditions of the Church, Human Experience, Creation and Scripture, named as the sources of revelation in Dei Verbum.


Arranged to cycle through the life of Jesus as the Catholic Church does, the resource is framed around the Liturgical Year. Over three years the resource prioritises hearing the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, while it moves through the seasons of Advent, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time. Links between resources develop naturally; theologies introduced in one unit are consolidated in another. We are currently in Year A therefore children are exploring Matthew's Gospel. 


Summer A: From Easter to Pentecost

Our topic this term is 'From Easter to Pentecost'. Children will retell the story of the resurrection according to Matthew. They will make links to belief in the resurrection of Jesus as expressed in Matthew’s account and  recognise or describe and explain some of the actions which are part of the liturgy of Easter Sunday. Children will use religious terms to show an understanding of different liturgies and describe and explain the meaning and purpose of a variety of forms of worship. They will give reasons for the actions of Pope Francis (or St Jerome) as a man who acts in response to his belief  and show understanding of how religious belief shapes the whole life of Pope Francis (or St Jerome).  Please refer to the curriculum map for your child's year group to see individual year group's RE learning. 

Summer B: A Kingdom of God

In this topic, children will explore the parables of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew's Gospel and retell a parable of their choosing, explaining belief in the kingdom of God expressed in the parable. They will learn about Nelson Mandela and will describe, and give reasons for, the actions of Nelson Mandela as a man who acted in response to his belief. Children will consider similarities and differences between peoples' responses to social and moral issues because of their beliefs. 


Please refer to the document below for key information for children on this topic. 

RE Curriculum Directory

The Religious Education Curriculum Directory (for 3-19) is to provide guidance for the Religious Education classroom curriculum in Catholic schools. This helps us to ensure that teaching and learning in our school truly reflects the vision and breadth of the teaching of the Church outlined in the Catechism. 

Diocese Section 48 Report

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