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Per ardua ad astra

Friday 17th July: Our term does not end until the 31st July but there is an 'End of Term' letter in the newsletter section of the website
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Reception Mary

Look at what your friends have been doing at home! Click on the photos to make them bigger.  Don't forget to check back regularly! 


Some of you have been sending us some beautiful videos to show us your learning.  These are too big to fit in this Gallery, so we have added them to the Video Resource Centre page.  Don't forget to have a look there too!

Emily loves her headphones!
Alex at the fruit farm
Mateo B's animal pairs
Mateo B's carrot tops
Mateo B's growing
Mateo B's Duplo counting in 2s
Mateo B's counting in 2s using socks
Mateo B exploring counting in 2s
Mateo B's Wild Things
Gio's 'When I feel wild' work
Gio's speech bubble
Gio's Wild Thing
Mateo B comparing sizes
Mateo B measuring with footsteps
Mateo B measuring his snakes
Mateo B recording his measurements
Mateo B wrapping his present
Mateo B's present
Mateo B planting tomato seeds
Mateo B's growing up scrap book
Gio wants to be a firefighter when he grows up!
Giovanni's RE work
Chloe's growing up scrap page
Chloe's growing up scrap page
Chloe's Egg girl cress head
Chloe and Charlotte's cress heads
Chloe measuring her cars
Chloe and Charlotte's measurements
Stanley's ladybird hunt
Stanley measuring his snakes
Stanley's measurements
Gio's 'My family' picture
Gio's measuring with cubes
Gio's footprint measuring
Mateo B measuring capacity
Mateo B  A Squash and a Squeeze with dinosaurs
Mateo B's Menorah
Mateo B's tea party
Mateo B exploring full and empty
Giovanni's Sunday School
Giovanni's capacity learning using solids
Giovanni's capacity learning using liquids
Chloe and Charlotte's Squash and a Squeeze making
Chloe and Charlotte's Squash and a Squeeze house
Chloe and Charlotte's role play 1
Chloe and Charlotte's role play 2
Mateo B finding patterns outside
Gabriella's amazing birthday cake!
Mateo B making patterns
Mateo B's pattern made with natural objects
Mateo B shape pattern
Mateo B's Pentecost mobile
Borys with his amazing Cars painting
Mateo and Aria's Pentecost hats
Mateo B making watermelon ice lollies
Mateo B enjoying his watermelon ice lolly
Mateo B's map of his home
Tenuli's pattern made with natural objects
Tenuli making her Elmer picture
Tenuli's completed Elmer picture
Tenuli's 'I am special' writing
Gio's block pattern
Gio's natural objects pattern #2
Gio's natural objects pattern #1
Gio's 'I am special' picture
Gio's Elmer work
Chloe and Charlotte's Gingerbread men
Chloe's playhouse
Chloe's maths
Chloe's Elmer patterns
Chloe's invitation to Elmer
Sophie's excercise
Sophie's new violin
Sophie's baking
Sophie's hoverboard skills
Sophie's clock
Stanley's 'I am special' writing
Stanley's reading den
Stanley's reading camp
Dion sequencing his day
Dion's Ugly Duckling story sequencing
Dion helping his Mummy with the cooking
Mateo B subtracting with fish
Mateo B cooking his gingerbread men
Mateo B's delicious gingerbread men
Mateo B's play dough subtraction
Mateo B's skittle subtraction game
Mateo B's Gingerbread Man story map
Chloe's RE
Chloe's RE
Tenuli's subtraction with Numicon
Ella A's clock
Tenuli's subtraction with fish
Ella A's Gingerbread Man
Chloe's favourite part of The Gingerbread Man
Chloe's hamster house
Chloe's diary
Chloe's subtraction learning
Elis learning about money
Elis' gingerbread man
Mateo CR's experiment; can a paperclip float?
Mateo CR celebrating the month of Mary
Mateo CR's amazing drawings
Mateo CR's beans
Mateo CR learning about money
Mateo CR's Ascension learning
Giovanni decorating his gingerbread men
Giovanni's delicious baking
Sophie creating!
Sophie cooking with her brother
Sophie's painting
George's pasta subtraction
George's subtraction number sentences
Janek reading his book
Janek writing
Janek blending his sounds
Janek's clock
Mateo B's 10 green bottles
Mateo B painting with his sister Aria
Mateo B's picture of Jesus with speech bubble
Mateo B's picnic
Mateo B drumming and singing
Mateo B's bug hunt
Bianca's gingerbread man design
Bianca making a gingerbread man with her brother
Bianca decorating her gingerbread man
Chloe and Charlotte's Ascension learning
Bianca with Little Red Riding Hood
Bianca telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood
Bianca's excercise!
Bianca's writing
Bianca's phonics
Bianca's maths
Stanley's 'missing you' card
Alex's amazing cat painting
Stanley's prayer table (and favourite Bible page)
Mateo B ordering his day
Daisy has been having bagels for breakfast
Mateo B - threading pasta shapes for 1 minute
Mateo B o'clock times
Mateo B's phonics
Mateo B's clock
Mateo B's Ugly Duckling hand print card
Alex's giant bubble
Alex's giant bubble
Janek enjoying his daily excercise
Janek the goalie!
Janek's Easter egg hunt
Happy Birthday Giovanni!
Gio's Spiderman birthday cake
Chloe's life cycle of a chicken
Chloe and Charlotte on their 5th birthday
Chloe's days of the week
Chloe's months of the year
Chloe's message for Josephine
Rebecca dying Easter eggs
Rebecca's Easter eggs
Rebecca working hard
Rebecca's Easter eggs
Rebecca baking
Rebecca's cup cakes!
Stanley's O'clock times
Alex's Ugly Duckling before and after pictures
Alex with his Ugly Duckling card
Look at Alex's beautiful handwriting!
Daisy's Ugly duckling picture and describing words
Daisy's beautiful swan and describing words
Ella O's Ugly duckling card 1
Ella O's Ugly duckling card with amazing writing
Ella O's Ugly duckling card 2
Ella O's fabulous writing!
Tenuli sequencing her day
Tenuli's amazing beanstalk!
Maksim learning to skateboard
Maksim decorating Easter eggs
Maksim painting
Maksim planting his beans
Maksim's mini art gallery
Maksim learning on Purple Mash
Emily used Mini Mash to draw her sister's teddy!
Chloe and Charlotte's birthday banner
Chloe and Charlotte's birthday cake
Daisy and her new kitten Tina learning about coins
Mateo B's Easter Garden
Mateo B's coin hunt
Mateo B's toy shop
Stanley's phonics
Stanley's amazing toy shop
Stanley's Supertato maths
Alex's toy shop
Mateo B counting with coins
Tenuli's bridge
Julia's Easter Eggs
Julia's Easter Garden
Ella A's rainbow for the NHS
Mateo B sequencing his story
Chloe and Charlotte's LRRH puppet show
Daisy has been learning about the letter O!
Mateo CR's maths
Mateo CR's phonics
Mateo CR's hope message against Covid
Mateo B's picture of his Daddy!
Mateo B's picture of his Mummy!
Mateo B making flags and learning about countries
Mateo B making flowers for his Mummy
Mateo B's superheros
Mateo B's playdough time
Alex's tea party
Alex making his bridge
Alex with his finished bridge!
Emily learning about coins
Chloe and Charlotte's writing
Mateo B's Last Supper picture
Mateo B counting in groups
Mateo B learning about number bonds to 5
Mateo B making number sentences