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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

We currently have a number of exciting opportunities in the school - please go to the vacancies page for more details.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Class Liturgies

Every year, each class hosts a liturgy in their classroom for their parents and family members. The children prepare their classroom so that both parents and children know that the space is special and sacred. At the heart of every liturgy is the Word of God; the theme of the worship either reflects the liturgical calendar or a Catholic virtue. 

During the season of Advent and Lent, year group phases join together in prayer. During Lent, each phase hosts a liturgy to walk our school community through Holy Week. During Advent, Year 5/6 and Year 3/4 lead us in a Christmas Carol Service. Year 1/2 and Early Years recall the Christmas story through song and performance. 

Early Years Easter Liturgy 2023: The Resurrection

Year 5 and 6 Easter Liturgy 2023: The Stations of the Cross

Year 3 and 4 Easter Liturgy 2023: The Last Supper

Year 1 and 2 Easter Liturgy 2023: Palm Sunday

6 John Paul Liturgy 2023: Faith

4 St Clitherow Liturgy 2023: Lent

2 Peter and Paul Liturgy 2023: Kindness

6 Teresa October 2022: The Rosary

Year 1/2 Easter Liturgy 2022: Palm Sunday

Year 3/4 Easter Liturgy 2022: The Last Supper

Year 5/6 Easter Liturgy 2022: The Stations of the Cross

Reception Easter Liturgy 2022: The Resurrection

Year 6 Advent Liturgy 2021: The Prophecies

Year 5 Advent Liturgy 2021: The Nativity Meaning

Year 4 Easter Liturgy 2021: The Nativity

Year 1/2 Advent Liturgy 2021: The Nativity

4D Virtual Liturgy- St Patricks Day 2020

5K Virtual Liturgy: One World Week 2020

6T Virtual Liturgy: All Saints and Month of the Holy Souls 2019

6T: Why did God become one of us? 2019

1F: Advent 2019

3B: All Saints 2019

3V: Rosary 2019