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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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Maths Day

Holy Family Maths Day

Wednesday 3rd November 2021


During Maths Day, the children celebrated the importance of 'Maths in their everyday lives'. We were very lucky to have many parent visitors come into school to lead numerous different workshops with our classes based on their occupations. They shared their skills and knowledge relating to maths to support learning,  and raise pupils' aspirations. 


The workshops included talks about:


  • The importance of maths used in Baking
  • Computer Simulations and Mechanical Applications
  • Maths in Architecture and Construction
  • Maths in Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Statistics, Percentages and Probabilities
  • Software, Coding, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
  • Video games and Software Development

We are very lucky to have such talented and enthusiastic parents willing to share expertise in their field of work and inspire future generations! Thank you


"During Maths day we had a visit from a video game and software developer. We learnt that maths is very important for video games. We also learnt that they use 3-d polygons to form game characters and all of the graphics. In a game we learnt that they use maths to add, subtract and multiply points. Also we learnt what is inside a electronic device to power it. The developer also made some games of his own for example, Mario, Sonic, Minecraft and FIFIA12.”  Niccolo - Year 4 Paul


"Liam’s dad explained how maths is used in computing. He told us how tp program different machines using coding and this requires lots of maths. Planes also need thousands of lines of code to make the auto pilot work.” Finbarr - Year 6T


“Every game that we play on a computer or screen is made by numbers and maths. It needs different equations to make it work. On the slides we saw Mario and how maths has made him look even better. Kika’s dad explained that even just a photo or image on screen involves lots of maths. My friend asked if Roblox uses maths and he told us that it does. We really enjoyed the visit and learnt lots.” Emilia Year 4D


"Joshan’s Dad explained why we all need numbers. His job is all about numbers and so every single day he is using maths. Without good maths skills he would not be able to do his job. Even something simple like telling the time, something we do every day is maths. If he couldn’t tell the time, he might not wake Joshan up at the right time!” Ola - Year 5K


"Gonçalo’s mum taught us about how important maths was to her work. She would not be able to do her job if she didn’t use her maths skills. Even just running a house needs lots of maths - measuring ingredients for dinner, measuring the area of a space to buy carpets or curtains, calculating bills. Gonçalo’s mum enjoyed maths as a child and so she is pleased to have a job that lets her use maths. I like maths too and hope to have a job that allows me to work mathematically.” Pola - Year 5 Kolbe