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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Collective Worship at home

As we are unable to worship together in class, our children have been doing a fantastic job leading their own collective worship sessions from home. 

Kaya - 3 Bakhita


What was the theme of your collective worship?

My collective worship was about love.


Why did you choose this theme?

I chose love because love makes me happy and love is important in life and if you do not love your life will be full of sadness and anger.


How did you prepare for your collective worship?

I went round the house collecting holy things that make me feel love and peace. I chose candles, a special cross and flower petals.


What mission did you ask the children to do?

I asked them to spread God’s love by saying a compliment to your family, like “I love you” or “I like your cooking.”


How did you feel after your collective worship?

I felt calm and happy. My friends and teacher said I did a great job and they loved my important message.

Lauryn - 3 Bakhita


What was your collective worship about?  

 My collective worship was about the ten good rules to help people to live a happy life. I chose the chapter 13 and shared the important message that God said to Moses. To people have the best way to live its necessary to follow ten important rules:  

  1. God said: “Always remember that I am your God. I have rescued you, and I love you. 
  2. “Don’t let anything else take my place” 
  3. “Remember who I am when you talk about me” 
  4. “There are six days for work and one day for rest – that’s my day.” 
  5. “Always listen to your mother and father; never make them unhappy.” 
  6. “You must not take a person’s life, for life is very precious.” 
  7. “Husbands and wives must keep their special love just for each other” 
  8. “Don’t steal what belongs to someone else.” 
  9. “Don’t tell lies”. 
  10. “Don’t be greedy for what other people have.”

Why did you choose this theme/ story? 

I read one Bible story every night before going to bed, and this chapter is my favourite. I think this theme is fundamental because it teaches ten fundamental rules. We are living challenging times, and the Covid 19 pandemic is changing the lives of everyone. God rules are important, and we must have faith in the same way that God helped the people of Israel and released them from Egypt; he will protect us from this pandemic. We must believe in him and obey the rules because it is the only way to be happy and show to God that we respect and follow his words. 


How did you prepare for your collective worship? 

To prepare for my collective worship, I counted with the help of my little brother Joylen. We prepared the table and decorated with unique stones, that says: “wish”, “hope” “dream”. We wanted our table to be special, and to use symbolical objects that are important in the worship; we added candles, stars, lights, incense, and two jars of yellow and purple flowers.  I wanted to create an inspiring atmosphere, so I searched for a worship instrumental background music. I prepared everything with my brother without the help of my mother.  



How did you feel after your collective worship and why? 

I felt blessed, excited, and happy because it was the first time, I prepared the worship with my brother. I also made my mother proud; she was very emotional and even cried. I think I made God happy, he always protects my family and me, and I hope that he can protect all my friends and my teachers and remind them that is important always to respect his rules.