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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - General information


Whole School Ethos.

At Holy Family Primary School we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive school where we aim to meet the needs of all pupils through an exciting and varied curriculum. We are fully committed to enabling all pupils to reach their full potential which is embodied in our school moto Per ardua ad astra. We support all pupils to achieve this regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity, ability and social background as set out in the Equalities Act 2010.


We welcome all children with special educational needs as part of our school community. We ensure that our pupils have equal opportunities to engage in the curriculum and the wider school community. We are committed to equality, working tirelessly to ensure everyone connected to the school feels welcomed and provided with the support they need to enable them to flourish and feel included in the Holy Family.


How do we support pupils?

We place great emphasis on identifying pupils with additional needs as early as possible. This ensures an adapted curriculum is put in place to accommodate individual needs and allow maximum access to the curriculum. Where a child has a particular individual need, we will make reasonable adjustments to help them overcome their difficulties which may include additional support. Depending on the identified need this support may take place in class, in a small group or on an individual basis. Along side this, additional support may be sought from external agencies such as, Speech & Language Service, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology Service or other specialist outreach services.


Parental Partnership.

We understand that having a child with special educational needs can be challenging and sometimes isolating for parents. In order to support parents through this journey we host monthly SEND parent coffee mornings. We offer two formats for our coffee mornings, a less formal morning we call our Kitkat and Chat, which gives parents the opportunity to come together, share experiences and create a support network. Our more formal coffee mornings are where we offer training and have specialist quest speakers.


We understand that for parents, time to discuss their child's needs with the class teacher is paramount. In order to provide this, we offer all parents of children on the SEND register, three additional parents evenings to discuss, review and set targets on their support plans. This ensures that parents are fully informed of the support their child is receiving in school each term.


To show our commitment to working collaboratively with parents, this year Holy Family are completing the SEND family school partnership award. This will enable us to strategically review our approach to working with parents of children with SEND and to strengthen the partnership between school and parents in order to improve outcomes for pupils.


For more information regarding SEND at Holy Family please visit our PADLET PAGE 


Click here to view our SEND POLICY 

Click here to view our SEND INFORMATION REPORT


Meet the team                                                                                                  


SENDCO - Mrs Troughton

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ESLA) - Mrs Sheehan



Mrs Nakamura 

Miss McGrath 

Mrs Assi 

Mrs O'Donnell 

Ms Mitchell-Munro 

Mrs Zielinska 

Mrs Ohanians

Mrs Sheehan


Teaching Assistants:

Ms Jalali - Nursery

Ms Griffith Jones - Reception

Mrs Papadaki - Reception

Mrs Venes - Year 1

Mrs Tziora - Year 1

Mrs Liske - Year 2


SEND Governor - Mrs Buffini.


External Professionals that work with Holy Family                                          


                                 Tiffany Tse - NHS Speech Therapist                   Sarah Coughlan - Private Speech Therapist         


                        Tiffany will be starting work with                              Spring term visits

                                Holy Family shortly.                                         5th February 2024

                               Date to be confirmed.                                     26th February 2024

                                                                                                         11th March 2024

                                                                                                         25th March 2024



                                                                                                          Charae Allen-Delpratt 

                   Riddhi Bhavsar Occupational Therapist                      Educational Psychologist


                                 Spring term visits                                                  Spring term visits

                               2nd February 2024                                                          TBC

                                  1st March 2024                                             


Pastoral Support at Holy Family                                                                       


Meet Billy and Barney


We are very lucky to have two Therapy Dogs visit our school twice a week. We have Billy and Barney for our selected pupils to read to. The Read2Dogs scheme can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom. Reading a story aloud to a PAT dog, a great non-judgemental listener, helps young people to enjoy the reading experience. They look forward to spending time with their four-legged friend, which in turn creates a bond of trust, empathy and understanding of the needs of the pet.



Here are some links to some external SEND service suppliers                


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Ealing SAID! Service

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Ealing Dyslexia Association

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Centre for ADHD and ASD

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HACS - Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support

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