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Per ardua ad astra

Wednesday 8th April 2020 - An Easter Message from the staff at Holy Family and 'Keeping in Touch' letter from Mr Doherty (Newsletter section of website) / Video message from Mr Doherty - Palm Sunday (Children - Video Resource Centre)
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Carrying Out God's Work

Mini Vinnies 2019-2020


At Holy Family, the Mini Vinnie team are responsible for helping others in need within the school community and beyond. The Vinnies model of ‘See, Think, Do’ is an excellent way for the Holy Family children to start thinking and talking about their spirituality by connecting their beliefs and values with service activities and issues in their community.

The work that the Mini Vinnies do makes the faith in our school real, meaningful and relevant.


The Mini Vinnies Prayer


Lord, Thank you for our gifts and talents.

Lord, Show us who needs our help.

Lord, Use our hands to help those who are hungry.

Lord, Open our hearts to love and comfort those who are sad and lonely.

Lord, Let us share our time, gifts and talents with those in need.

Lord, Help us to care for the sick.

Lord, May we all help and support each other as Mini Vinnies to build a better world.



Picture 1 Choir visit Meadows Care Home
Picture 2 Acton Homeless Concern Collection
Picture 3 Cavernoma Day
Picture 4 Mini Vinnies at St Marys Hospital
Picture 5 Mini Vinnies Celebration Mass