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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Carrying Out God's Work

2022 - 2023

Creating our school prayer garden 


Back in the summer of 2022, our Chaplaincy Team began to design and plan our new school prayer garden. This is going to be a special, sacred space in our school which can be used by all members of our school community. It will be a place of silent prayer, collective worship and praise for God’s beautiful creation. 


This April, our Eco-Councillors were joined by Key Stage 2 volunteers to help create the furniture and plant some beautiful flowers. Below are some progress photographs- we hope to have the grand unveiling in the next few weeks. 


Lenten Almsgiving Drive for the Catholic Children's Society 2023


This Lent, the Mini Vinnies choose to support the Catholic Children’s Society. This charity supports disadvantaged children and families across London, Hertfordshire and the South East. They work with individuals of all faiths and none; their sole aim is to help those in greatest need. The charity has also supported a number of families in our school so the Mini Vinnies felt that it was a cause very close to our hearts. 


Each class hosted their own fundraising event in order to raise money for this worthy cause. We had every event imaginable: 'crazy hair' day, wear your slipper's to school day, hot chocolate sale, Easter cake sale, pyjama day, art sale, mufty day and a Grandparent's afternoon tea. 



Children's Mental Health Week: Justice and Peace Team's Giving Pledge 2023


“As a member of the Justice and Peace Group we have a very important role and it links to Children’s Mental Health Week. This week, we made a ‘Kindness Pillar’ in the atrium where children wrote down what acts of kindness they have done to help somebody for 15 minutes. There are so many different pledges that children have done in school, and outside school. This benefits so many people because if they help somebody else it will make them feel proud and better about themselves.”

Summer and Antonia 5 Kolbe 

Harvest Collection for Acton Homeless Concern 2022


This Harvest, the Mini Vinnies worked incredibly hard this Harvest time to support a local charity: Acton Homeless Concern. The children identified homelessness as a social problem that they wanted to support this half term. Thanks to all of the generosity from all the children at Holy Family, they were able to send hundreds of essential items to those who need it both. We had so many donations that Mrs McCarthy (Kacey-Leigh’s Mum, 3V) had to make two trips to Emmaus House! Thank you so much to Mrs McCarthy for taking the time out of her day to help support the Mini Vinnies and their cause. The centre were so overwhelmed with the amount of donations- all of the volunteers and clients helped unload all of the items! 


Afternoon tea with the Irish Chaplaincy 2022

As part of our school's partnership with the Irish Chaplaincy, our Mini Vinnies invited some of the seniors to an afternoon tea. It was a wonderful afternoon where the Mini Vinnies got to spend time with the seniors, find out about their lives and how the charity is helping them become more connected with others in their community. We were delighted to welcome Bishop Paul Dempsey, Chair of the Council for Emigrants, to our school to see our wonderful intergenerational partnership and the impact it is having on young and old alike. Brian, one of the seniors, brought along some cards he has received from children over the years and we were able to reunite him with Leonardo, one of the senders in a reunion that made both of their days!


2021 - 2022

Lent Almsgiving 2022: Tsepho Generation 

The children of Key Stage 1 and the Mini Vinnies have been very busy raising money for the Tsepho Generation in South Africa. Last Thursday, we hosted an incredibly successful Toys4Toys event whereby the children brought in old toys that they no longer played with. These toys were then sold
and given a new, loving home. A huge thank you to all of the children who worked on the toy stalls and managed the money with great maturity. We are delighted to announce that Holy Family has raised an enormous £1,100 for this worthy cause.

Lent Almsgiving 2022: The Passage


The Mini Vinnies’ most recent initiative has been to host a ‘Sponsored Sit’ to support The Passage. This local charity aims to meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people. They offer immediate support, accommodation and long term solutions to prevent people from living on the streets. This week, every class in Key Stage 2 has been taking time out of their day to sit outside so that they can attempt to experience the isolating and devastating feelings associated with homelessness. Each child has been asked to collect donations from sponsors. We raised an astounding £729 for the Passage. 

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees 2022


On Monday 4th April my family and I visited a high school in Poland, which is the school that Holy Family have raised money for thanks to Delphine from 4P and her family who decided to start the collection and many others who helped with the cake sale.
As head girl, I thought I would take the opportunity to visit this school whilst I was seeing my family nearby. It was my birthday whilst I was in Poland, and I wanted to donate something to the Ukrainian pupils, so I asked my Mum and Dad to buy a present for the pupils instead of me. We decided on stationary (pens, rubbers, notebooks and markers) as I thought that it could be used by all.
When we arrived, I was feeling nervous as it was a new place, and I knew that the students would be older than me. In the school there are currently fifty Ukrainian pupils and we walked into a classroom where twenty-five of those pupils greeted us. It was a very emotional experience because I could see first -hand the terrible effect of the conflict taking place. It sadly dawned on me that my sisters and I were the only children in the room that had homes to go to and were able to see our loved ones.
As a thank you for the gifts we gave, the pupils sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me in Ukrainian, English and Polish! This was all it took to set my tears flowing and all that I could do was give my Mum a hug. Thoughts of what those unfortunate teenagers have been through filled my mind and an overwhelming sense of sorrow for them all took over. Bravely, my Mum said a speech to the pupils which encouraged them to keep strong, be brave and she told them just how proud she was of them. My mum told the refugees that she was praying for them every night. A kind teenage girl translated this and then thanked our family. We also heard about some of the dreadful experiences that the children had been through, which were horrifying. We spent the rest of the trip visiting the other classroom and speaking to pupils.
I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to visit the school and as head girl I am so proud of what we as a school are doing to help God’s community.
Mia—Year 6 Teresa

Easter Cards

This Easter, the children in Key Stage 2 made personalised Easter cards to isolated and vulnerable seniors at the Irish Chaplaincy. These were then packed and delivered to almost 250 seniors across London.

“The Easter card I received was beautiful and very special to me and I have it here beside me. I was very touched to receive it" - Mary

"I visited John last week and his Easter card had pride of place on his mantelpiece. He was delighted with it. A huge thank you to the children for their beautiful and thoughtful cards." - Eddie Gilmore, CEO of Irish Chaplaincy Services

Racial Justice Sunday 2022


On Friday 11th February 2022, the Mini Vinnies and the School Council were joined by Mr Doherty, Mrs Rutherford and Miss Moran to give public witness to racial justice.  They were inspired to act by the parable of the Good Samaritan and created the slogan "Holy Family Children Don't Walk By". We met with the Mayor of Ealing and shared our views with him. Eva and Mia (Year 6)  gifted him a letter which perfectly encapsulated our pledge. Please see the Headteacher's Newsletter to read their powerful letter.

Each class had discussions focused on Racial Justice Sunday which enabled each child to develop their oracy skills in order to become advocates for change. Some children also created wonderful pieces of work such as innovative prayers and thoughtful written work which can be seen displayed below.

Harvest Collection 2021 - Afghan Families Project

Our Mini Vinnies hosted a Harvest Collection for the Afghan Families Project in Ealing to provide food to those families in our community seeking refuge. We emailed Navida at the project who provided us with a list of food items for the families and collected so much for every family. They even helped Navida pack the food into special hampers with a message from us, to be delivered to each family in Ealing. 


Tree planting 2022- Caring for God’s Creation


Members of Eco Council attended another planting day at North Acton Playing Fields. On the day, the children managed to plant over 70 fruit bushes which we will hopefully be able to harvest when we go back to visit in the summer. Members of the Ealing Parks team who were there to assist with the digging, commented on how lucky the children were to leave such a lasting legacy in the local area and we totally agree!

2020 - 2021

"Connected for Christmas" project


Last year, our school partnered with a charity called the Irish Chaplaincy Services who do amazing work in supporting elderly people living in isolation across London. This Advent, Holy Family children took part in a very special project with this charity called 'Connected for Christmas'. This week we have delivered 200 gift packs to elderly people across London! Inside each gift pack was a handmade, personalised Christmas card, a Christmas decoration, a calendar for 2021 and a note from the charity explaining their surprise gift. Below are some messages from the receivers. 


"It was so nice to receive a card with my name on it. The children have given me so much joy."


"The children put so much effort into these cards. Please thank them for all they have done."


"The card is on the mantel-piece and the calendar is on the wall. It brought back so many memories of Ireland. I was sorry I couldn't go to Ireland this year. Ireland has come to me instead."  

Harvest Appeal 2020


The children of Holy Family raised an astonishing £520 for Educare Family Support Service. Well done to the Mini Vinnies for organising this day and creating a beautiful Harvest assembly. The virtual assembly is still available to watch in the Video Resource Centre.


"We would like to thank The Holy Family Catholic Primary School again for the generous amount raised on their Rainbow Day for Educare Family Support Service. We greatly appreciate your donation and your support helps to further our mission through supporting families, including our essential food packs. 

You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!"


Naomi, Educare Family Support Service

Cavernoma Day September 2020


Holy Family supported the Cavernoma Society's 'Raspberry Day' and raised an incredible £392 for the charity! Thank you to Theo, 6 Nicholas for creating a video to help raise awareness of how cavernoma's affect the lives of so many. 


"Thank you once again for everything you’ve done to help us. We really appreciate your support." 


Simona, Cavernoma Society.



2019 - 2020


Carrying Out God's Work During Lockdown March- July 2020


Supporting Diabetes UK February 2020


The children of Holy Family raised £425 to support Diabetes UK. Our business manager, Mrs Morley is bravely running the London Marathon this year in support of this wonderful charity. 


"I would like to thank you so much for supporting Diabetes UK and my fundraising on Friday 14th February. Many of us are affected by Diabetes, and the work of this charity is so important in helping to support people with Diabetes and working towards a cure. The school raised £425 which is a fantastic amount. This amount has helped me to exceed my fundraising target for when I run the marathon in April. Thank you once again." 


Mrs Morley

Choir Visit to Meadows Care Home December 2019


The choir visited the residents of Meadows Care Home spread God's light through singing, dancing, music, laughing and smiling. 

Catholic Children's Society- December 2019


Holy Family raised £949.02 for the Catholic Children's Society through different collections. The Mini Vinnies collected donations at the EYFS Nativities, KS1/2 Carol Concerts and on Christmas Jumper Day. Thank you for your generosity. 

Harvest Appeal 2019 


The families of Holy Family kindly donated dozens of boxes of food and clothing for our local homeless shelter. Thank you for your kindness and to the Mini Vinnies for helping organise this fundraiser. 


“Dear all, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Acton Homeless Concern to thank teachers, parents and pupils for the recent donations and kind words of support for our volunteers, the homeless and inadequately housed individuals attending our Centre. There is no doubt of the huge need in our community and with the support of donations such as yours we are able to ensure that the homeless and needy do not go hungry"


Centre Manager, Acton Homeless Concern.

2018 - 2019


'Toys for Toys' event January 2019


The Mini Vinnies dropped off toys and a cheque to the sick children at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. The toys and money came from their 'Toys for Toys' event.


"Thank you very much for your very kind donations of toys and gifts for children at St Mary’s Hospital this Christmas. We were overwhelmed by the response and generosity of your school; The donated gifts are being distributed to children receiving treatment during the festive period and on Christmas Day in stockings on the ends of their beds if they are in-patients. We truly appreciate your support this Christmas – here at COSMIC (Children of St Mary’s Intensive Care) we are a small team of four people and the generosity experienced by your team during the festive period. COSMIC is a small charity with a wide reach; providing a comprehensive programme of support for the PICU with funding for state-of-the-art equipment, research into the leading causes of childhood illness, training and education for doctors and nurses as well as emotional, social and practical support, including bereavement and family counselling. Once again, thank you very much for your support this year – we wouldn’t have been able to provide the level of festive cheer to the children and families of the PICU and further Children’s Department without your help."


COSMIC and the Children’s Intensive Care Unit