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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Forest School

At Holy Family, our forest school is an inspirational learning opportunity that fosters the holistic development of children while developing their curiosity of the world around them. Children are offered activities that allow them to investigate, evaluate and explore in a hands-on learning experience.

The forest school aims to promote resilience, confidence and perseverance in children whilst developing their emotional intelligence through social interaction. Children are given the opportunity to assess risk, in a controlled setting, therefore learning how to keep themselves and others safe. The alternative learning environment gives all children an opportunity to succeed in a new setting and to engage in a new way of learning.

Our forest school provides outdoor learning that extends classroom based learning. Children are given the opportunity to attend lessons linked with their Creative Curriculum Topic which can meet the National Curriculum objectives of a variety of subjects, such as Science, History, and PSHE. Our specialist Forest School teacher together with the class teachers, devise engaging and adventurous activities that make the topic come alive, whilst exploring the raw materials around them.

Year 1: Dinosaur Planet

Year 5: Beast Creator

Year 3: Mighty Metals

Year 6: Darwins Delight

Year 1: Paws, claws and whiskers

Reception: Investigating Autumn