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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Open Morning for Holy Family parents at 9:10am on Thursday 27th February - we look forward to showing you our school in action!
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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PE & Sport at Holy Family

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"At Holy Family, we love being healthy, happy, active children!

Whether we're playing and running around during our breaks, taking part in PE lessons, or competing against our friends or other schools at competitions, we love to be as active as possible. Being active not only helps our bodies to stay fit, but it also helps our minds to be strong: we can let off some steam, helping us to focus and engage in class once we're finished.


Our progress in being active and healthy is self driven. At break and lunch time we choose to eat healthily. In our PE lessons we set our own goals, understanding that progression through challenge is how we can do our very best and reach our full potential. At competitions we understand that our attitude and determination is more important than the end result... but, we still enjoy winning!"


At Holy Family, we have a wide variety of opportunities for our children to be active and also to develop their talents. In addition to the school curriculum our pupils compete in a range of Borough competitions and sports festivals taking place at regular intervals throughout the school year. 


Along with the variety of physical activity within the curriculum we also offer a range of sports clubs such as Netball, Rugby, Football, Running, Judo, Street Dance, Tennis and Badminton.


We try our hardest to achieve our goals and to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Per ardua ad astra.

The School Games Values

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