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We currently have a number of exciting opportunities in the school - please go to the vacancies page for more details.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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Local Clubs

As a PE teacher one of my greatest rewards is when a child discovers a sport that they love. Whether children want to try-out as many as they can, or if they want to stick with one it is our job to give them as many opportunities to achieve this as possible.

I will always endeavour to highlight to parents when I think a child is particularly passionate or naturally talented at a given sport with the hope that it can be taken further.

Please find below some examples of junior sports clubs with Acton, Ealing and West London that you may find useful. 



Netball is a fantastic sport that helps to develop all aspects agility, strength, balance and hand-eye coordination. The school club runs on a Friday afternoon, but please find below some links to local clubs, based in Ealing and other areas of West London, for you get get your child involved with!


Rugby & Tag-Rugby:

Holy Family has developed a hugely popular Rugby club thanks to the efforts of Mr. Doherty. The school also works very closely with Trailfinders, Ealing's professional Rugby Team who run an established, high quality junior section too. Last year, Holy Family won the West London Finals.



Tennis is another sports that has grown within Holy Family. Tennis is a great chance for children to really focus on technique and develop a strong sense of stability and strength.



Hockey is a great team sport that enables children to develop their teamwork and social skills, their mobility and agility and also their spatial awareness. Last year, Holy Family won the Ealing Borough finals and have had students representing Ealing and Middlesex County.



Whether as an individual or as a team, gymnastics is one of the best sports out there for developing strength, balance and coordination in children.


Athletics and Running:

Athletics is a great chance for children to try out a wide variety of events including long distance running, sprints, jumps and throws.



Dance, like gymnastics, is incredibly good at developing a child's strength, balance and coordination. There are so many styles to consider and try out and it is a great opportunity for children to express themselves creatively.



Football... This is England... you know the drill.