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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

We have a class teacher vacancy for September 2018 - visits to the school are warmly encouraged. Children may wear their own clothes on Friday 16th March for a £1 donation - at least one item of clothing should be green.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Who's Who

Nursery St Gabriel

Nursery St Gabriel 1 Mrs Kelly Keegan
Nursery St Gabriel 2 Mrs Willis
Nursery St Gabriel 3 Mrs Beazer
Nursery St Gabriel 4 Miss McGrath

Reception St Joseph

Reception St Joseph  1 Miss Sweilam
Reception St Joseph  2 Mrs Daymond
Reception St Joseph  3 Miss Bliss

Reception St Mary



Year One St Therese of Lisieux

Year One St Therese of Lisieux 1 Miss Aherne
Year One St Therese of Lisieux 2 Miss O'Connor
Year 1 St Anne
Picture 1 Mrs Greer
Picture 2 Mrs Tziora

Year 2 St Paul

Year 2 St Paul 1 Miss O'Connell
Year 2 St Paul 2 Miss Burgess
Year 2 St Peter
Picture 1 Miss Robertson
Picture 2 Mrs Forshaw

Year 3 St Bakhita

Year 3 St Bakhita 1 Miss Glynn
Year 3 St Vincent de Paul
Picture 1 Miss Cunnane
Year 3 St Nicholas
Picture 1 Miss Shoolman
Year 3 Support Staff
Picture 1 Mrs Zielinska
Picture 2 Mrs Ghobrial

Year 4 St Damien of Molokai

Year 4 St Damien of Molokai 1 Mr Wright
Year 4 St Bernadette
Picture 1 Miss Linnane
Year 4 Support Staff
Picture 1 Mrs Crowley
Year 5 St Maximilian Kolbe
Picture 1 Miss Murphy
Year 5 St Oscar Romero
Picture 1 Miss O'Sullivan
Year 5 Support Staff 
Picture 1 Mrs Assi

Teaching team Support Staff

Teaching team Support Staff 1 Mrs Buyers
Teaching team Support Staff 2 Mrs Kosterska

Lunchtime Team

Lunchtime Team 1 Mrs Hastick
Lunchtime Team 2 Mrs Papadaki

Admin Team

Admin Team 1 Ms Jansepar
Admin Team 2 Mrs Chatzaroula
Admin Team 3 Miss Martin (Finance Officer)

Welfare Assistant

Welfare Assistant 1 Mrs Purcell

Kitchen Team

Kitchen Team 1 Mrs Mikhaeil
Kitchen Team 2 Ms McCleary
Kitchen Team 3 Mrs Goia
Kitchen Team 4 Mrs Hamo

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Mr Pierson

Parish Priest

Parish Priest 1 Fr. Neil, Parish Priest


SENCO 1 Mrs Burgess

Holy Family Leadership

Holy Family Leadership 1 Mrs Rutherford - Deputy Head, Assessment, Literacy
Holy Family Leadership 2 Mrs Kelly Keegan - Assistant Head
Holy Family Leadership 3 Miss O'Sullivan - KS2 Phase Leader, RE Lead
Holy Family Leadership 4 Miss Sweilam - EYFS Phase Leader, Phonics Lead
Holy Family Leadership 5 Miss O'Connell - KS1 Phase Leader, Maths Lead

Mr Doherty - Head teacher