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Thank you to all those that have given so generously to the Auction and those who have paid for the experiences. Keep checking the newsletter to see all of the wonderful experiences
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

The Moran Trophy

'Catholic schools are established by the Church for Catholic children and young people, who, through baptism, have a right to an education in the Catholic faith. Catholic schools in their various forms are built on the foundations laid by previous generations of parents and clergy. We have inhertited this rich tradition of Catholic schools from them and are committed to handing it on to future generations.'


Our Catholic Schools - Their Identity and Purpose


The Moran Trophy is awarded termly to a child in the school that has made outstanding progress.


The trophy is named after the Moran family.


Tommy Moran became an 'observer' on the Governing Body in 2012. He then went onto become a Foundation Governor. He was part of the first Governing Body. He worked tirelessly in those early days and helped to build the foundations of this wonderful school. In his time on the Governing Body, he was part of the panel that appointed Mrs Rutherford, our first ever Deputy Headteacher and Mr Doherty as Headteacher.


Abigail, his daughter, joined with the first intake of children in September 2012. One of our founder children, the reason for our being. Beth then joined in 2014 and Meghan followed in 2015 – a ‘Holy Family’ family!

Sarah helped set up the initial PSA in Oct 2012 as Vice Chair. Sadly, this ceased in 2013 but as fundraising still needed to be done it got done through Sarah’s determination and considerable hard work. She was then asked to restart the Friends of Holy Family Association again a year later and was Chair until Easter 2017.

This trophy is to be a termly reminder of the commitment made by the Moran family - a commitment to make Holy Family School an outstanding Catholic school, a jewel within the community.


They Moran family have moved on and they have handed the baton onto all of us - children, parents, staff and governors.





Nevayah - Spring Term 2019 Winner 

Nevayah - Year 3V


Nevayah is an absolute pleasure to have in 3 Vincent and brings so much to the Holy Family community. Nevayah is always so upbeat, energetic and positive that it is hard for other members of the school community not to feel invigorated to strive for ‘personal excellence’. You will never see Nevayah walking anywhere around the school site as she is either dancing, skipping or gliding. When this is teamed with her humming or singing an occasional verse of music, you can only smile with joy.

She always comes into school with a smile on her face and with determination to apply herself 100% to every challenge or activity she is faced with that day. Her resilience knows no bounds and Nevayah will happily persist to ensure that she has given maximum effort to her work. This has paid off as Nevayah has shown exceptional progress, across the curriculum- she is now showing ‘mastery’ in many topics and is working above the age related expectations. In particular, her flair for Literacy and ambitious vocabulary is really being showcased in every single one of her books and her verbal answers.

I know Nevayah will continue to excel in everything she does in school because she sees Holy Family as a place to work hard and be yourself- always!    


Mr McCloskey


Summer Term 2017 - Archie Lee (Year 2)


Autumn Term 2017 - Ben McCarthy (Year 2)


Spring Term 2018 - Pinelope (Year 5)


Summer Term 2018 - Charlie (Year 1)


Autumn Term 2018 - Ali (Year 6)


Spring Term 2019 - Nevayah (Year 3)