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Thank you to the Friends of Holy Family for a very successful Bingo and Curry Night --- Thank you to the parents that helped to move all the wood chip to our EYFS playground, you did a great job!
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

The Moran Trophy

'Catholic schools are established by the Church for Catholic children and young people, who, through baptism, have a right to an education in the Catholic faith. Catholic schools in their various forms are built on the foundations laid by previous generations of parents and clergy. We have inhertited this rich tradition of Catholic schools from them and are committed to handing it on to future generations.'


Our Catholic Schools - Their Identity and Purpose


The Moran Trophy is awarded termly to a child in the school that has made outstanding progress.


The trophy is named after the Moran family.


Tommy Moran became an 'observer' on the Governing Body in 2012. He then went onto become a Foundation Governor. He was part of the first Governing Body. He worked tirelessly in those early days and helped to build the foundations of this wonderful school. In his time on the Governing Body, he was part of the panel that appointed Mrs Rutherford, our first ever Deputy Headteacher and Mr Doherty as Headteacher.


Abigail, his daughter, joined with the first intake of children in September 2012. One of our founder children, the reason for our being. Beth then joined in 2014 and Meghan followed in 2015 – a ‘Holy Family’ family!

Sarah helped set up the initial PSA in Oct 2012 as Vice Chair. Sadly, this ceased in 2013 but as fundraising still needed to be done it got done through Sarah’s determination and considerable hard work. She was then asked to restart the Friends of Holy Family Association again a year later and was Chair until Easter 2017.

This trophy is to be a termly reminder of the commitment made by the Moran family - a commitment to make Holy Family School an outstanding Catholic school, a jewel within the community.


They Moran family have moved on and they have handed the baton onto all of us - children, parents, staff and governors.





Summer Term 2017 - Archie Lee (Year 2)


Autumn Term 2017 - Ben McCarthy (Year 2)


Spring Term 2018 - Pinelope (Year 5)


Summer Term 2018 - Charlie (Year 1)


Autumn Term 2018 - Ali (Year 6)



Ali Assi is a compassionate, conscientious and respectful young boy, who consistently demonstrates a mature and sensible attitude to school life. His unwavering commitment and dedication to his learning and overcoming challenges has resulted in him making excellent progress in all areas of the Year 6 curriculum this term. Already this year, he has actively embraced new learning experiences and has shown that he relishes a challenge. Ali is not daunted by any setbacks and actively goes above and beyond to ensure that he has a complete understanding of concepts being taught. He is always open and willing to respond to advice given in order to make progress and improvements in his work. Ali has a positive attitude towards his learning and is beginning to show belief that he can achieve anything that he puts his mind to. His confidence in solving a range of Mathematical calculations and complex challenges has grown considerably since September. In Literacy, Ali has been improving his writing style to engage the reader and make it more cohesive. This term alone, Ali has shown that he is hardworking, self-motivated, determined and resilient. He is consistently well behaved and is a fantastic role model for all pupils at Holy Family. It is a pleasure teaching him and I know that he has a successful future ahead of him.