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Congratulations to Paria (Year 6) Moran Trophy Winner and Emily (Year 5) Sakoui Cup Winner. Our Risk Assessment has been updated for the summer term (Key Information - COVID-19).
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


Lesson 1 -  ART

LI: Repeating Patterns


Success criteria:

  •  know that a pattern is created by repeating lines, shapes, tones or colours
  • I know that pattern can exist in nature and can be made by artists to design all sorts of art, craft and design
  • I can choose everyday items to paint with
  • I can use these items to create a repeating pattern


ACTIVITY: create repeating patterns using materials in your home or from nature, best created with paint however you can use any medium you like.

Lesson 2 - ART (Texture)


LI: Taking rubbings, to explore different textures.


Success criteria:

  • I know how to take a rubbing
  • I can identify different textures and record them using a rubbing technique
  • I know that the tool that I use will change how my rubbing looks
  • I can use colour to create different effects


You will need:

A selection of objects pupils can obtain textured rubbings from (textured wallpaper, plastic file cover, lego bases, plastic chair) and/or find a space in an outside area that has a number of surfaces for rubbings (trees, hardboard, wood, wire mesh/chicken wire, walls, concrete, drain service covers, wire fences, leaves)