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Per ardua ad astra

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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


Day 1 (Morning)

We arrived safely in Pinner at 11:45am. 

After meeting the staff at SPEC and some ice breaker activities, the children were keen to unpack and see their bedrooms - they all commented on how 'posh' they were! 

There was a delicious lunch of pizza and salad with ice cream and fruit for desert. 

We then had an hour outside to explore the grounds - lots of fresh air and exercise, we hope it will help them sleep later!

They are now in sessions with their group leaders.

There will be another update later tonight. 

Day 1 (Morning)

Day 1 (Evening)

The children have been looking at scripture today in their workshops - they focused on the Gospel reading about the importance of letting their light shine. They were all presented with a candle which they got to decorate and they will be bringing back to you on Friday. 


This evening the children got to spend 30 minutes in the Chapel and we had adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. They spent some time in silence with God. It was a privilege to be with your children during this special time. 


After dinner lots of children went for a 'night walk'. We have not spotted any strange or exotic wild Pinner creatures - we will keep looking...


The children enjoyed a dinner of potatoes, sausage, peas and baked beans with bread and butter and custard for desert. They were ravenous! This evening we are enjoying a movie night and will then be heading off to bed for an early night! 


I included a photo of the 'posh' bedrooms, bathrooms and the dormitory.


Breakfast is at 9am tomorrow morning. 


Good night from a calm and happy SPEC Centre. 


Day 1 (Evening)

Day 2 (Morning)


Last night went well - it was late for some as we would expect on the first night of a residential. 

We have woken to the most glorious Pinner morning - it is going to be another good day! 

The children had a delicious breakfast of: croissants, pain au chocolat, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, toast, apple or orange juice. The children ate plenty - great to see. 

Before we started sessions with the group leaders, the children have had time on the ping pong table and spent 30 minutes outside. 

Day 2 (Morning)

Day 2 Afternoon 


The children enjoyed a lunch of jacket potato or pasta with baked beans, cheese and delicious home made coleslaw. This was followed by jelly and ice cream. We then had an hour to go outside and play - the sun is shining brightly in Pinner, it is a gorgeous winter day. 


We have Mass at 5pm tonight and we promise to pray for all of you. Dinner is at 6pm and then it is on to the Talent Show...




Day 2 - Lunch

Day 2 (Evening)

Day 2 (Evening)


This afternoon the children walked the Stations of the Cross on the magnificent grounds of SPEC, we stopped by each station and were given the chance to pray and reflect. 

We had a break and then went to the Chapel for Mass with Father Mark Walker.

Father Mark celebrates Mass for us in the most unique and powerful way. He provides a commentary throughout the Mass explaining the different parts. He reminded us of the importance, beauty and majesty of the Mass.

Father Mark asked questions throughout the Mass and we were all so impressed with the children's knowledge and levels of engagement. The children then started asking questions and this continued after the Mass when Father Mark came to have dinner with us.

All the adults and Father Mark have commented on the children's R.E. knowledge and interest. As the Headteacher of a Catholic school, I could not be prouder. 

For dinner we had lasagne or baby potatoes, garlic bread, salad followed with apple crumble for desert.  

This even we enjoyed a fabulous Talent Show - enjoy the photos.

Good night from Spec 


Day 2 (Evening)

Final Day

Final Day


The children slept soundly last night - as did the adults! 

They woke around 7:30am and immediately packed and cleared out their rooms - you have clearly trained them well! 

Breakfast was at 9am - same selection of food as yesterday. The children were clearly hungry and had as much fruit, toast, pastries and juice as they wanted. 

We had a play outside and then they started their sessions at 10am.

They are now making their own Advent Calendars and I have heard them making various promises about making beds, helping parents, cleaning up after dinner, being kind to siblings etc. Your homes will never have been so tidy! 

We will be having lunch at 1pm and aim to leave her just after 2pm. I will send a message via the school office once we have left. 

Once back and school, we will gather the children in the Parish Hall and dismiss from there. 

Every child I have spoken to tells me the same thing - they would like to stay a bit longer but they also really want to go home. Perfect!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Final Day