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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
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Welcome to Reception!


We will be keeping this updated throughout the year so please keep checking this page. We will be posting next weeks learning on here, as well as photos and links to online resources. Please feel free to contribute to the Reception's Homepage by contacting us at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

From Lent to Easter...

Coffee Morning Presentation 15.10.15

Moment From Home



Phonics is simply the sound of which a letter or letters make. At Holy Family School we use a phonics scheme called 'Read Write Inc' that teaches the children how to read, write and spell. 


It is recommended that you attend these sessions to ensure that you know how to pronounce these 'pure' sounds and to enhance your child's learning at home, for example when reading we sound out the letters (using our phonics) and blend them together to read the word e.g. m-u-m blended together is mum. 

We also teach them to hand write with a specific phrase for each sound that we will teach on Friday's to aid letter formation at home (for example the letter 'm' we teach as 'down Maisie, mountain, mountain' as a visual aid to help them to form the letter correctly). 


There are plenty of RWI phonics resources that you can buy online to enhance your child's  learning at home, however there are lots of things you can do and play with at home to encourage phonics too which are free. You could go on a 'sound hunt' (hide little pieces of paper with the phonics letters on, hide them and go on a hunt for them), or you could stick them on the wall by the stairs at home so they have to say them every time they walk up and down the stairs and you can change them), for letter formation we recommend shaving foam during bath time to practise writing in, or making the sounds out of playdough.... there are many other ideas;

If you have any activities that you currently do at home to support phonics, or any other area of learning, then please share it with us by contacting the Reception Team at the bottom of this page. 


Phonemes Pronunciation Guide

This video shows you how to pronounce sounds in a 'pure way', it compliments our Friday Phonics Session by teaching you how to make 'pure' sounds.

Phonics Blending Explained - how to teach blending to children.

How to teach blending and a teacher demonstrates. Phonics Blending Explained - how and why we teach it (the teacher demonstrates how 'Fred Talk' is used).

Apps for Tablets


We are aware that many children in school have access to an iPad or similar devices that support 'apps' at home, therefore we would like to recommend some great educational apps to download.


Please note: these suggested apps are free! You may wish to download further content in the app which might come at a cost. Do contact us with any that you recommend.



With many children also having internet access on a computer or laptops at home and in local libraries, here are a few links to websites that we often use in class.


The children should be familiar with these sites as we use them during CIL on the school laptops or interactive white board. Children are often exposed to tablets which don't have any peripherals (such as a mouse and keyboard) therefore when using these sites at home your child may require some support using the mouse (dragging and clicking) or using the laptop touch pad (dragging and clicking on a laptop) or finding the letters on the keyboard (as all letters are presented as capitals yet type as lowercase). Practise on a computer will aid your child to master the use of a mouse and a keyboard as we look forward to using the ICT Suite in the coming term. 

Contact the Reception Team here...