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Per ardua ad astra

Congratulations to Reception Joseph Dads who won the Dad's Football Tournament on Sunday morning - thank you to all those that attended and took part.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


Monday 24th September 
After a three hour journey we arrived at PGL and we couldn't believe the view. Mrs Rutherford told us our rooms and groups and we settled into our rooms. Each room has two bunk beds and a bathroom. Then we went to dinner, which was sausage or vegetarian casserole or fish and chips and beans. We also had so much salad. Later on we did 'passport to the world' where we were put in groups and had to find country flags and answer three questions correctly to get full marks. 'The travellers' team came first and so they will be the first to go to breakfast tomorrow. 


Tuesday 25th September 
After a good nights sleep we had a massive breakfast of bacon, hash browns, cereal and yoghurts. Then we did our first two activities. Our first one was abseiling.  Although it looked scary we felt as if we were SpiderMan! Next, group 4 did some climbing. We did some races and it was SO much fun! After all of the mornings hard work we were starving and couldn't wait till lunch. For a half an hour we went to the beautiful Dorset beach the view was incredible, we could see Portland in the distance. Then after lunch, we had two more activities, which were also great fun. One group did tunnel trail where you had to crawl like a worm through tunnels to complete a challenge.
For dinner we had a choice of meatballs with pasta, chicken and vegetable pie and vegetarian and lemon cake. The salad is huge with a range of salads and fruit and you can go up as many times as you want. Later in the evening we did Wacky Races' with our school leader Joel. There were some relay races with crazy twists. Joel was dressed up as Cookie Monster.  


Wednesday  26th September 
Today we were all very excited to start our day with a tasty breakfast of sausages and porridge and yoghurts and cereals. We had the zip wire, even though it was really high we all had lots of fun and were exhilarated after. You felt like you were flying over the sea and the view was stunning. Another group had sensory trail, where you are blindfolded and work as a team to follow instructions. Miss murphy's group did buggy building where you have to use equipment to make a huge buggy which will ride down the hill without collapsing. 
We can't wait for this afternoons activities. 

For lunch we had a wide choice of wrap and tortillas. Then in the afternoon, some did abseiling, zip wire, low ropes and sensory trail. 
In the evening we did robot wars, where in teams we had a water balloon and we had to make protection for it out of cardboard and tin foil. When we had all finished Joel our instructor dropped it from a height to see if it would survive. Unfortunately it didn't survive but we had fun and Joel let some of us throw the rest of the water bombs at him.

Thursday 27th September 
We gad a great nights sleep and then had an omelette and bacon and toast for breakfast. After that we did rifle shooting, archery, aeroball and buggy building. After lunch we went to the shop to buy a gift souvenir. It is so hot today, we love it. 
We can't wait for the rest of this afternoons activities and especially for the disco tonight. 
Also, we are going to be doing dragon boat racing on the sea tomorrow. We can't wait.

(Written by a group of excited Year 6 children)