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Welcome to

Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


After a great journey down we were so excited to see our rooms and have a tour of the site. We got to play football and volleyball at Little Wembley and dived in the sand. For dinner we had three courses and one was sweet and sour chicken. This evening we are playing Passport to the World where we run around the whole site and find flags of different countries. It’ll be fun to use our torches. 

This morning we were up at 7am and some a lot earlier! After breakfast we had two activities, our first was Jacobs ladder. We had climb a giant ladder, it was quite tricky as the gaps were the size of us. We had to help each other. It was great fun and we cheered each other on.
Our second activity was the zip wire. We were quite scared as it was so high. Our instructor told us a lot of instructions about the harness and the flip flop. As we launched off we all screamed so loud. 
We’re off to lunch now and then hiking.


This afternoon we had a mixture of activities. Some of us were due to go hiking on the cliffs but it rained heavy so it was cancelled. But we had a great activity where we had silly races and had to build a capsule to protect a water bomb when it was thrown from the top of a building. Other groups did zip wire and Trapeze. Trapeze is tricky as you have to climb to the top and jump off and hit a ball. We were all screaming. 
This evening we are all doing a photo challenge.



This morning we did the Trapeze.. It was really scary and done if our kegs were wobbling at the top. But we face our fear and jumped off to hit the ball. After that we did the low ropes and had to work our way around without falling off. Other groups went on a 3 hour hike and stopped at the farm shop for ice cream. 

This afternoon was brilliant. We played Aeroball - where there are four trampolines and two balls and you have to score through the hoops. The teachers did it too. After that we went climbing. The instructor was so kind and helped us if we were scared. Soushin could have taught the instructor he was so good. 
This evening we are going to play ‘Cleudo’ where we have the run around the site and find the people to solve the mystery. We all hope we will win.



This morning was so exciting as we had the Zip Wire. From the top ledge the view was spectacular across the whole ocean and the wire was so long. We all got to do it twice.

After that we had Archery. We split into teams and had to complete around the board. It was very hard to get the Bullseye.




This morning was great fun and it was so sunny. Some of us had  our best activity as it was Giant Swing. We all screamed so loud as it was really high. After that we had a beach walk. The view was so clear that we could see all the way to Portland. On the beach we played lots of games and and built stone towers and sea monsters. 
It’s been an amazing week.