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Per ardua ad astra

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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


Tuesday Morning

We all had a great first day. We were so excited on the coach and sang all the way down. When we saw PGL we couldn’t believe the view.

We settled into our rooms and had time to unpack before dinner. There were three courses for dinner which was so tasty.

In the evening we did Passport to the World where we had to run around the site to find flags of countries around the World. 

We can’t wait for today’s activities!!

Tuesday morning activities

This morning we woke up so early and sausages, beans and hash brown. Our first activity was sensory trail. We had black goggles and our leader guided us. We had to have trust and made us use our senses more. Our second activity was problem where we had lots of mini activities and had to work as a team to complete the challenges. Another group went to the beach for a beach walk and played lots of fun games such as slimming, running and best of all… screaming!!

Tuesday afternoon

This afternoon was amazing. We went to the Olympic sailing village to go dragon boat racing. It so much fun but tiring in the end as we had to row so fast to try and win. The boats were so big that there were 18 of us on each boat. It was the best thing we’ve done so far, and we loved the chants as we rowed. 
We were all shattered on the coach on the way back and so lots of us fell asleep. 
After dinner, which was piri piri chicken or vegetable curry we played at Little Wembley in the sand. Tonight we are off to take part in a quiz.

Wednesday morning 

This morning has been just the best day. 
Half of us went abseiling and climbing. It was so much fun. Even though it was scary on the abseiling, nearly all of us faced our fears and did it. The climbing was also scary as it felt like you were floating on the way back down. Even some of the teachers did it.

The other groups went hiking all morning. It was way more fun than they thought as they played lots of games, saw cows and went to a farm for homemade ice cream.


Wednesday afternoon

This evening we took part in Wacky Races. There were lots of silly races involving running, acting and fun movements. It was a very close contest. We are all looking forward to the giant swing, jacobs ladder and orienteering tomorrow. 


This morning, we had a mixture of activities. Some of us did giants swing, others did Jacobs ladder, rifle shooting and orienteering. Giants swing seems to be everyone’s favourite as you go so fast and it makes you scream. 

This afternoon we continued with our mixture of activities including beach walk, sensory trail and rifle shooting. Also, we visited the shop and bought some fab gifts for ourselves and our families.

This evening our teachers organised a finale party and we all wore our smart clothes.  It was so funny as there were 18 rounds of fun competitive challenges such as guess the song, limbo, impressions, jokes, rapping, taste challenge, blindfold drawing and lots more. It was a great end to the day. 

Friday morning

The children woke up eager to start the activities once again today. The rain hasn’t dampened their spirits and they’ve enjoyed their sensory trail and buggy building. They are enjoying themselves but also looking forward to returning to seeing you all this afternoon. 
We will contact you by text if we are running late at all.