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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Prospective Parents - Please go to 'Admissions' to see details regarding the application process and dates for tours of the school. I look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school very soon.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Mental Health Week Activities

Mental Health Awareness Week: A message for children 


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health means keeping your mind happy and healthy, as well as your body. 


Usually we would be in school doing lots of activities to boost our mental health. But as we are staying safe by being apart we would like you to do some kindness activities  while you stay safe at home. 


1. Create a Kindness Cup: draw, paint, decorate, add words, whatever you like! There is a Kindness Cup template for you to print or draw but you can design your own cup too. 


2. Nominate someone for the Virtual Kindness Cup: this could be a friend, family member, teacher or parent. 

Tell us about the person you have nominated. Why are they kind? What do they do to show kindness? What can you learn from someone being kind to you? 

Send your nominations to: 


3. Be Kind: Try and do one kind thing each day. Be kind to your parents, your brother or sister, your pets or your neighbours. 

​Stay happy, healthy and kind. 


Mrs Kelly-Keegan