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Spelling and Grammar - Parenthesis


Parenthesis is a word or phrase inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a sentence, which is grammatically complete without it. This means the sentence would still make sense if the work/phrase were removed! In writing, parenthesis is usually marked off by:

- Brackets

- Dashes

- Commas



1. Mrs Allan, 64 at the time, rang the police immediately. (In this example, commas have been used as parentheses.)

2. Due to pub quizzes, Buzz Aldrin — the second man on the Moon — is now as famous as Neil Armstrong. (In this example, dashes have been used as parentheses.)

3. Mrs O'Grady's other macaw (called

‘Billy Two’) rides a motorized skateboard. (In this example, brackets have been used as parentheses.)


Use the links (below) to learn more about parenthesis!

Writing tasks:

1. Evaluate the benefits of organic and non-organic farming. Construct an argument highlighting at least one benefit of each type of farming. In your conclusion justify your opinions on which you prefer referring to evidence from the text (Down to Earth) and wider research. Construct your arguments using the APE format.


2. Write an explanatory text titled, ‘From farm to fork.’ Your task it to describe the process that a crop undergoes from growth, harvest, preparation to distribution. You will need to conduct research on your chosen crop as you consider the following questions underneath the following subheadings. Feel free to use illustrations to support your explanations.



  • Does this crop originate from a seed?
  • What's the best season to grow it in?
  • Where is this crop grown? Why?
  • What conditions are needed to help this crop grow?
  • Who looks after and maintains these crops?



  • How do we know its ready to be harvested?
  • How is it harvested? (Machinery/equipment)
  • What is a good yield?



  • What procedures do the crops undergo? (Washing, cutting)
  • Is this done by hand or using machines?
  • What processes, if any, are followed when turning it into other products? E.g. jams



  • How is the crop/product distributed? (Transport)
  • Where is it distributed to and why? (Local or international)


Examples to research: mangoes, pumpkins, strawberries, pineapples