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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Homework Wednesday 23rd September

This week you have been set four pieces of homework comprising of the following:

1. Maths tasks and activities. (My Maths)

2. Reading and comprehension. (Oxford Owl)

3. Spellings to memorise and build sentences with. (See spelling document uploaded)

4. RE Homework - Belonging to Holy Family leaflet


1. My Maths

This week on the website 'My Maths' you have been set the following:

TASK: 12 times table - OW

TASK: 7 times table - OW

TASK: More addition and subtraction

TASK: Negative numbers 1


Please use both the whole school login and your personal login details to access the My Maths website. If you have forgotten your username and password details, please email your teacher at


2. Reading


This week we will be using the following website to complete reading at home:

Having opened the website, you must select 'My class login' at the top of the page.


You will then need to input the username and password details for the following classes:


6JP: Miss Murphy

Username: 6jphomework

Password: Ilikereading


6T: Miss Moran

Username: 6thomework

Password: Ilikereading


6N: Miss Kundi

Username: 6nhomework

Password: Ilikereading


Having logged in successfully, please search for the e-book 'Exploring The Deep' in your bookshelf. We would like for you to learn about the depths of the ocean as we explore Charles Darwin's journey on the HMS Beagle around South America.


3. RE 

6JP and 6N

This week, Miss Kundi and Miss Murphy would like you to complete some RE homework as you explain what it means to belong to Holy Family. Construct a leaflet answering the following questions:

  • Why should new pupils choose Holy Family as their school?
  • What does it mean to belong to the ‘Holy Family’?
  • What does it mean to have a shared mission statement?
  • How is our school like family?


Please see the uploaded PowerPoint slide for information on constructing this leaflet.

Please be mindful of the following when constructing your leaflet:

  • Use size 12 font
  • Include your name on the front of your leaflet
  • Develop your reasoning as much as possible using a paragraph structure
  • Provide examples throughout using your everyday experiences at school
  • Try to include the following key words when answering the questions: belonging, family, togetherness, unconditional love, acceptance, connections, inclusion, faith, loyalty.


Please download the leaflet template (word document) and type your work into this document. Email this to your teacher using the address : before Monday.



This week, Miss Moran would like 6T to research the symbols, actions and words in Church rituals and celebrations. The Catholic Faith has a long and rich heritage of using symbols, actions and words to convey spiritual meaning and express our belief. They help us live our faith through everyday thoughts and actions witnessing the truths of Christ in all we say and do.


Your task is to research a variety of actions, words and symbols and explain how each of them express Catholic belief. You must fill in the tables on the word docuement entitled "6T Words, Actions and Symbols" and send to Miss Moran via before Monday. You will need this research to complete the lesson on Monday. 


Here is an example of the expected standard of writing: 


Best of luck!

4. Spellings (to be tested on Monday)