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Leave a legacy at your school...12th March deadline for our Art Installation competition. Go to Catholic Life - Religious Education - Art Installation Competition for more details.
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Homework Wednesday 11th November 2020

This week you have been set three pieces of homework comprising of the following:

1. Maths tasks and activities. (My Maths)

2. Reading task (myOn)

3. Spellings to memorise and build sentences with. (See spelling document uploaded)


1. My Maths

This week on the website 'My Maths' you have been set the following:

TASK: Equivalent Fractions

TASK: Improper and Mixed Fractions

TASK: Introducing Improper and Mixed Fractions


Please use both the whole school login and your personal login details to access the My Maths website. If you have forgotten your username and password details, please email your teacher at


2. Reading 


This week we will be using the following website to complete reading at home:

Please see letters that were emailed to you by your class teacher detailing access information and login details. You can view the book assigned to you in your 'classroom.' This week, you are invited to read 'Voices of World War One: Stories from the trenches.' This links to our theme of Remembrance.


3. Spellings