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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Per ardua ad astra

Please go to 'Key Information - Admissions' for more information regarding our arrangements for this year / Tuesday 22nd September - An updated risk assessment has been uploaded to 'Key Information' along with a useful guide to COVID symptoms
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


Hello Year 5,


We do love hearing from you. If you would like to see your work in our gallery, send us an email at with any updates you have.


Have a look at what Year 5 have been up to.......

Minerva's Kandinsky inspired art
Paria's Kandinsky inspire art
Minerva's origami
Nina's origami butterflies
Laith''s origami
Ola's origami
Antonio's Mandala
Antonio's Nature Mandala
Ayaka's origami caterpillar!
Happy 10th birthday Ola!
Lizzie's nature mandala
Lizzie's secret garden diary entry
Ola's nature mandala
Sienna's Shakespeare poster
Keita's Haiku poem
Victoria's Allotment artwork
Abdul's Haiku poem
Ola natural paints and dyes artwork
Abdul's Chapter 11 planning
Laith Autumn trees artwork
Lara's visit to Kew Gardens
Daniel's Globe Theatre diary entry
Daniel's Globe Theatre diary entry
Lara Macrophotography (Kew Gardens)
Dio's NHS display
Melika's artwork inspired by Galileo Galilei
Melika's thank you message to the NHS
Minerva Macrophotography tomamto
Franka's beautiful kitten
Minerva Macrophotography rose
Ola Macrophotography strawberry
Ola Macrophotography flower and ladybird
Laith Macrophotography mango
Erisa Macrophotography flower
Lara's urban farming letter to an MP
Lara's urban farming letter to an MP
Abdul - Walk past the Globe Theatre
Minerva Pentecost artwork
Minerva homemade birdfeeder
Umaynah's Tudor portrait
Kanish fractions
Ola baking
Minerva - Elizabeth I portrait
Erisa - Tudor castle
Kavish fractions
Erisa - baking cupcakes with my little brother
Leean - vibrant animal artwork
Lizzie - Shakespeare poster
Aiden piano lessons
Ayaka calligraphy
Ayaka playing tennis
Franka - Mary Tudor portrait
Keita maths challenge
Lara Tudor portrait Elizabeth I
Lizzie Tudor portrait