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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Distance Learning




Please note that a new page has been added above containing some documents kindly sent by PC McGuigan. Please have a look at these as many questions will be answered. 


These are to be used in addition to the Transition resources added weekly. Please remember to use these weekly sessions as a discussion tool if being completed at home.




This week's suggested timetable has been uploaded with all of the necessary resources for this week. Once again, this is the work that the children who are in school will be completing. Please email if you have any questions. 


Hoodies - Thank you for your emails with size requests. Please accept this as a receipt of your email rather than emailing all parents separately. 


Have a wonderful week.




This week, you will find the suggested timetable and this week's activities on the wider opening tab above. Please remember that if you are doing these tasks at home it will be slightly different. Questions on slides, for example, would be discussed as a class so think carefully about what the answers might be and see if you could also think of another perspective too. If there is anything that you need to have clarified or explained please send an email to the usual Year 6 email address. Please note: more ice cubes will be needed for science on Wednesday this week. 


Have a great week. 




This week, some of you will be returning to school and we are sure you are very excited about this. Some of you will be continuing with your distance learning and this will change slightly to ensure that you are covering the same work as the children in school. There is a new page titled 'Wider Opening' which is where you will find the work for the week. Once again, the suggested weekly timetable has been uploaded and a range of activities for you to complete. You will notice many more PowerPoint presentations this week as they will be used in the classroom. Some aspects may be a little more tricky to complete at home as we would have lots of opportunities for discussion at school but please do not worry. If you have any questions about any of the tasks please email the usual Year 6 email address.  


Have a wonderful week.



Dear Children,


Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to work together for a while and so your red folders need to be used. As we discussed before school was closed, these folders are for you to work through in a similar way to how you would work at school.


Remember, you do not need to do everything in one day!


You should try to spend around an hour on Maths, Reading and Grammar each day. In addition, you have Topic work to select from the grid on the topic page. Please try to remain active and help around the house too. Bake, make and be creative. 


Attached is an example of how you might carry out the work that you have already been given. Don't worry if you have already completed any of the tasks last week.  This is just a rough idea of how you might organise your daily learning, but we understand that each of your homes will have different plans. This is just an idea for you.


As this situation is ever-changing, please keep an eye on the website so that you can see what needs to be done. 


Please see the details on the English page for how to join Get Epic - a Free Reading Resource. 


Look after yourselves and watch this space for more communication. Documents are being uploaded on a regular basis so you should never run out of work. :)


Miss Glynn and Miss Murphy





We now have an email address that you can use to contact us if you need any help or just want to tell us what you have been up to. We would love to see some of the creative work you have been completing and could even share some photos to encourage the rest of Year 6.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.   





Please check the Literacy page for regular updates where you will find the answers to your CGP Grammar and Punctuation book tasks that you have been asked to complete this week. Remember to only check these once you've completed the relevant pages. Also, ensure that you only mark correct when you have punctuated accurately, just like we do in class. 





Thank you for all of the emails that you have sent. Please check out the new gallery page where you can see some pictures of what your classmates have been up to at home.

We would love to share some more photos of your creative learning.





We hope that you are all keeping well and have been working hard. Over the next two weeks, we will not be setting a timetable for you to follow. Instead, we have set some tasks on MyMaths and a project based on our World War Two topic. You can find all of the necessary documents on the Topic page. 


Please take some time to relax with your family over the next two weeks at this special time.


                                                                      Update 17.04.2020


We hope that you all had a lovely Easter with your families and a chance for a well-earned break. Please keep an eye on the video resource centre as a video will be uploaded there.


Another suggested timetable has been uploaded for next week. Again, this is just a suggestion but lots of you have said that these have been very helpful. Please let us know via the year 6 email if there is anything that you need. Most of the tasks that are in this timetable can be found within your red folders. Please also check the RE tab for this week's RE tasks. In addition, there is a new link on the literacy tab for a youtube channel where Goodnight Mister Tom can be listened to perhaps while you read along with the text on the original link. 


We are really looking forward to seeing the projects that you have created over Easter. Please send any documents created or take photos and email them to us.  


Several people are yet to contact us via the year 6 email. We would really like to hear from everyone as this is also a great way for us to be able to get individual messages to you. 


Take care and stay safe.



                                                                 Update 22.04.2020


Please check the topic gallery page for your Easter project work. We are still waiting for quite a few to be emailed so please send them to us using the year 6 email address. 


When you are completing 2do tasks on Purple Mash, please ensure that you hand it in when you have finished. That way your work can be marked and returned to you.


It has been great to hear from so many of you this week using the Year 6 email. Please do get in touch if you haven't yet - we look forward to hearing from you.       


Please see below some additional Spanish tasks to complete.  Enjoy!   


                                                                 Update 24.04.2020


Please find the timetable for next week below. On there you will yet again see tasks to be completed from your CGP books, sheets which can be found under the relevant subject heading and online portals such as My Maths, Purple Mash etc. Please email if you have any questions at all. Look out for a video from Miss Murphy too.


Some good news for 6T... I have had an email to say that you have read 150 books on GetEpic! You are fantastic! Keep up the reading. And for those of you who have not yet logged in, please do. We will be using Get Epic for our next text once we have completed Goodnight Mister Tom so it would be helpful if you are familiar with how it works before that. 


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend. Treat yourselves to a break from working hard all week.  



Update 01.05.2020


Please find below the new suggested timetable for next week. Check the various subject-specific pages of the website as directed for necessary task instructions and information. On the Spanish page, you will see instructions on how to log in to this fantastic resource - please check it out.


Lots of you have been in touch for various passwords. Feel free to email us for anything we can help with. 


The answers have now been added to the Maths page for Arithmetic Paper A1 so please check over your work. This will continue to be uploaded on a Friday as with the previous CGP papers. 


Have a wonderful weekend and keep working hard. 


Update 07.05.2020


Some children have asked about tomorrow as it is a Bank Holiday. The work that is available is optional and to be completed if that works with the timetable created in your home. It would be fantastic to see some of the fun activities that you have carried out to celebrate VE day but if your family has other plans, please enjoy this special day. 


Update - 10.05.2020


Next week would have been a significant week for you and as such, we wanted to mark it by doing something different for you. You have worked so hard all year and we are so proud of each and every one of you and your incredible achievements.


Please see the SATs Week page below for tasks to be completed including two IMPORTANT SATs documents for you to work on. 


A new page of Additional Home Learning Activities which will be updated fortnightly has been added to help with working from home. 


In the Video Resource Centre, you can also find a special video. Please do have a look. 


Update 15.05.2020


We hope that you have enjoyed a slightly different SATs week. We have had some fantastic feedback and wonderful photos too. It is great to see and hear that you have had a fun week as well as all of the hard work you have been completing.


Next week you will see the return of your suggested timetable of activities. Please remember that we are aware of different situations in different homes and this is not something you must stick rigidly to. Use it in a way that works for you. The tasks have been set with us bearing in mind that you may not have access to a printer. The printed tasks can be collected from the school office or you can use the resources you have at home. If there is something that you cannot do, please let us know. 


It has been fantastic getting to speak to so many of you on the phone recently and we will continue calling next week. If you have not yet heard from us, you will receive a call soon. 


We continue to check the busy Year 6 email and love getting the chance to stay in touch with so many of you that way. Please feel free to ask any questions directly to us.  We are more than happy to help. 


One last reminder about purple mash. It looks like some of you have started some tasks but have not clicked the hand in button. Please ensure that you click hand in so that we know what is and is not ready to be marked. This was you will get feedback on your tasks. 


Have a wonderful weekend and a great week next week. 


22.05.2020 - May Half Term


As we come to the end of the first half of the summer term, we would like to let you all know how proud we are of each and every one of you. We have had the pleasure now of making contact with each and every family in Year 6 and it was such a treat for us to get to talk to so many of you. We have missed having you with us and we feel blessed that you have not only been working so hard but keeping us in the loop with what you have been up to too. 


In a way, it feels like we have been together throughout this unusual time as we have seen you baking, gardening, making marble runs, transporting animals, creating reading dens and prayer spaces, showing us yourselves through self-portraits, trying yoga, riding bikes, climbing trees and so much more (check the gallery page if you haven't already). Thank you for giving us that insight into your lives. We know that you have been busy and think that you deserve a break. 


Please ensure that you take some time this week to rest and enjoy being with your families. If you have a look at the Topic page, you will find a project task sheet linked to the Frozen Kingdom unit. You will see that some of the suggestions involve you having fun and exploring with ice while others involve more research and thinking about how to creatively show your results. Please select what will work for you and your family at this time. Feel free to get creative with this task if you wish. We can't wait to see what you come up with. 


Have a wonderful week!


In the event of school closures being announced, all children have taken additional work home to complete.  Each child in Year 6 should have a red folder with several booklets covering Maths, Reading and Grammar. This work is NOT to be completed while the school remains open. In additon, 5 CGP revision books have been sent home with the children. These are also only to be completed IF the school closes. Please ensure that your child leaves their CGP book in their school bag as these may be used in class while school is open. 


Work will be uploaded on a regular basis to this page, as and when the need arises. 


Please check the website regularly as updates will be posted on there. 


Many thanks for your continued support during this unpredictable time.