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Wednesday 1st March 2020 - 'Keeping in Touch' letter from Mr Doherty (Newsletter section of website)
Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra

Distance Learning

Dear Children,


Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to work together for a while and so your red folders need to be used. As we discussed before school was closed, these folders are for you to work through in a similar way to how you would work at school.


Remember, you do not need to do everything in one day!


You should try to spend around an hour on Maths, Reading and Grammar each day. In addition, you have Topic work to select from the grid on the topic page. Please try to remain active and help around the house too. Bake, make and be creative. 


Attached is an example of how you might carry out the work that you have already been given. Don't worry if you have already completed any of the tasks last week.  This is just a rough idea of how you might organise your daily learning, but we understand that each of your homes will have different plans. This is just an idea for you.


As this situation is ever-changing, please keep an eye on the website so that you can see what needs to be done. 


Please see the details on the English page for how to join Get Epic - a Free Reading Resource. 


Look after yourselves and watch this space for more communication. Documents are being uploaded on a regular basis so you should never run out of work. :)


Miss Glynn and Miss Murphy





We now have an email address that you can use to contact us if you need any help or just want to tell us what you have been up to. We would love to see some of the creative work you have been completing and could even share some photos to encourage the rest of Year 6.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.   





Please check the Literacy page for regular updates where you will find the answers to your CGP Grammar and Punctuation book tasks that you have been asked to complete this week. Remember to only check these once you've completed the relevant pages. Also, ensure that you only mark correct when you have punctuated accurately, just like we do in class. 





Thank you for all of the emails that you have sent. Please check out the new gallery page where you can see some pictures of what your classmates have been up to at home.

We would love to share some more photos of your creativity. 



In the event of school closures being announced, all children have taken additional work home to complete.  Each child in Year 6 should have a red folder with several booklets covering Maths, Reading and Grammar. This work is NOT to be completed while the school remains open. In additon, 5 CGP revision books have been sent home with the children. These are also only to be completed IF the school closes. Please ensure that your child leaves their CGP book in their school bag as these may be used in class while school is open. 


Work will be uploaded on a regular basis to this page, as and when the need arises. 


Please check the website regularly as updates will be posted on there. 


Many thanks for your continued support during this unpredictable time.