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Welcome to
Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Per ardua ad astra


The topic for Autumn B half term is :

Land Ahoy !

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Get ready to take to the high seas and set sail in search of treasure!
This half term, we’ll learn about a boat yard, river or harbour to find out about boats and ships of all shapes and sizes. We’ll write, read information books, investigate amazing sea rescues and write postcards and poetry influenced by the sea. Our science skills will help us to understand how boats float and we’ll design and make model ships using a variety of materials. We’ll study paintings of boats and draw detailed pictures of our own. Our map reading skills will help us to identify different seas and oceans, and we’ll learn about famous sea explorers. Stories of pirates will inspire us to make pirate flags, treasure maps and fact files. We’ll even find out how to talk and sing like a pirate!
 Shiver me timbers; it’s going to be good!

Focus on :

English: information books, descriptions, poetry, postcards

Geography: Using and making maps, using and giving directions

Art & design: Observational drawing, printing

Computing Programming: using presentation software

D&T: Mechanisms, structures

History: Significant historical people – Captain James Cook, Grace Darling, famous pirates

Music: Sea shanties

PSHE: Feeling positive

Science Everyday materials

The topic for Autumn A half term is:



The children will be learning about the different types of coastlines and their features, and what can affect what they look like. They will be learning about different habitats around the world and why animals and plants are suited to them. They will learn about the basic needs for survival and the life cycle of different living things. They will also find out about the Blue Flag award and why it is so important to help keep our beaches clean. 



Science National Curriculum